Deb_from_PaOctober 20, 2007

can't find your snowman nodders you made last year.....i want to share them with friends on my craft board..thanks!

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Deb, here is two more that wasnt on the post bumped up

to early for the bunnie but wanted to show her to you.
on the second photo the one to the right is a angel cant tell in the photo very good but she has wings made of lace and a halo of moss, if you have any questions I will be glad to try and help.

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Oddie, I hadn't seen the bunny before either. I am a bunny junkie, so that really caught my eye. Looks like you used terry cloth, but what is on the spring? It almost looks like terry cloth too! So very cute--all of them. I love the happy little faces. Luvs

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Thanks luvs, yes its terry cloth, I used those cheap wash cloths you buy in packs, since they are thin they are eaiser to wrap around the styrofoam balls with less bulk, the spring I sprayed white then used the fake snow like on the snowman lightbulb I posted, its not the normal kind you see in bags, got it at a junk store, no name on bag so I cant tell you what its called.

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Oddie, Love ,love, love it !!
The bunny and snowman .... very cute idea

Here is a link that might be useful: Crafty Crafts and Decorating Ideas !!!!!

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Oddie, I tried making the bunnies last Easter. Mine did not look nearly as pretty as yours. You do such good work.

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Thanks! giftguru and shysue, glad you liked them, I am sure your bunnie was cute, I have seen your crafting! give the snowman a try, they are real fun to make, with endless ideas

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