What are you working on? 10/29

sweets98October 29, 2007

I haven't done much! My outhouse 4X4 post is still as it was when I posted last week. I wanted to work on it but I forced myself to sit down and sew valances for my step-MIL. She gave me the fabric about two weeks ago and I knew if I didn't just get them finished, I would put it off and hear about it. I wasn't thrilled because I didn't really have enough fabric to do what she wanted, the right way. I left the valances unlined and she has to be okay with that. I wasn't going to buy fabric for a liner and while it may seem that I have PLENTY of leftover fabric, there wasn't enough to double the valances. I normally am not so cranky about a project but I don't like it when people ask you to do the almost impossible because they think it's "easy". Something about the project set me off on the wrong foot....I guess it was the comment and the tone in which she said it in that irked me. MIL didn't pay for the fabric in the first place. FIL's aunt bought it for VBS and didn't need it but it matched MIL's living room, so she says to me that she found the fabric in the drawer while cleaning, and she thought to herself, "I can have Leslie sew up those curtains and it won't cost me a thing!" Why is it always the ones that think you should sell your work because you have an amazing talent, that then ask you to do 5 hours of work for free because it's "easy for you"?

I can take photos of the valances later on...just so you see what I was working with. We'll see what I get done with the outhouse later this week, I've been a little sidetracked.

My DS, 8, has been home since Wed night. He has seasonal asthma issues and they kicked in and he also got sick at the same time. I thought a few nebulizer treatments would be all it would take but he got worse Thursday afternoon. I couldn't get him to the dr's until Friday morning and she said he had strep. He's been on antibiotics since Friday and he seemed to get worse yesterday. This kid is coughing entirely too much. There has to be more going on. He shouldn't still need his inhaler/nebulizer every 4 hours or less! So off to the dr's we go again today....I'm so worried about him!

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Hi Leslie~ hope your DS feels better real soon. My oldest DD has asthma too and it's not fun to deal with especially when they are sick on top of it.

This week I am determined to get at least one thing finished! Every year we pick a family and do the 12 days of Christmas for them. (one gift each night up until Christmas Eve) So I got this wooden box from the TS that says "Will work for Milk and Cookies" and I'm painting a Santa on the other side of it. Will fill it with milk and cookie fixins for the gift. I know it's not time to be thinking of Christmas quite yet, but if I don't get some of these projects started I'll be frantic by then. I also have a few Thanksgiving projects I need to get painted up. Will post pics when I'm done. :) ~Anj

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Wonder of wonders, I finished something. ha Here is the box I was talking about. The words are in black with black glitter. Looks pretty cool.

And here is the Santa I painted on the back and the trees are on the other two sides. Designs by Renee Mullins.

With the addition of the milk and cookie fixins do you think it will make a good gift? ~Anj

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Cute boxes :) I think they will make nice Christmas presents.

I haven't gotten to anything. DS ended up being diagnosed with pneumonia on Monday. I left the house at 10:45am on Monday and didn't get home until 4pm after all the running we had to do for testing and picking up meds and stuff. YUCK! I took him back to the doctor's yesterday so they could see how he was doing and things are great! He was able to go Trick-or-Treating last night and he could have returned to school today but we thought one day of rest would be a good idea. He's finally going back tomorrow after being off of school for 6 days! We'll have lots of work to catch up on over the weekend. It's going to be nice to get back to "normal" again!

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Thanks Leslie~ It's just the one box with the different sides.
Glad Ds is able to go back to school and you don't have to be worried anymore.....well as much about him. ha My kids got a little food poisoning on Halloween night so were out of school yesterday. I was real happy to send them off this morning. I like the quiet of only having my 3 yr old at home.
Don't know how much I'll get accomplished in the next few weeks. I've got to plan a 40th anniversary party for my parents and get it all done by the 17th. Sometimes it's not fun being the only girl. ha Working on a slideshow today and it's slow going. ha

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anjabee: that is sooooo cute ! love the saying and your painting is fantastic!! if you keep it everyone will enjoy looking at it for years.... and they'll all want you to make one for them! and if you give it away... you'll have to make yourself one . .. and stilllllll everyone will want you to make them one.... Now you've done it ...gone and created something so C U T E ... there will be more work in it for you !!!! HO HO
Happy Holidays!
Thanks for sharing the ideas and pics!
God Bless!

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Thanks Susie~ This is one I do wish I could keep for myself. ha But you know the saying about it being better to give...ha Funny you said that cause my SIL does want one now so I'll have to check the craft stores and see if I can find another box. Our work is never done, but that's ok as long as we are enjoying it! :) ~Anj

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