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grandma_bonnieOctober 28, 2009

I posted this on Kitchen Table Forum but wanted your input too

...anyone having problems with them?

Checked my e-mail and paypal sent me a notice that I wanted to reset my password with them - the next e-mail was a verification from a paypal that verified a payment of $14.99 to a company from China. I was in bed when all of this happened. My 9 yr. old GD was playing a game and she was told she had won 10 days of training her imaginary horse. She gave them my e-mail address only (she doesn't even know my paypal password) With my address, they were able to access my account and without my password, they were able to get $14.99!!! I contacted paypal and the charges was removed, but that scares me that it could happen - paypal said they couldn't do without my password, but thwy did! I want to go after this company who did this - it is a childs game where the kids train horses, feed them, exercise them and play with them. She saw it when she was playing another game - it is attractive to children and a "trainer" talked to her - it could hve been a pervert!!!

I did not click of the e-mail asking me to reset my password! I know about this scheme. I read the next e-mail sent within a minute from paypal charging my account for $14.99 from a company in China. I went to paypal thru my bookmark and went from there - they took off the charge until they checked it out. This

morning, I found out they are honoring the charge! That it is consistant with my history with them - I buy fabric and products - NEVER paid on a kids game! I am trying to close my account so they can't get me for any more money and have tried all kinds of different ways, I used paypal so this kind of thing wouldn't happen I will be boycotting them and letting everyone know what is happening - the merchants too, This is B*S! Does anyone know how I can close my account with paypal?

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This is very upsetting for sure. I have paypal for the same reasons as you do. Is there any chance that you have your password saved anywhere on your computer? I was shocked to find out that my dh did (so the password enters automatically) and I made him get rid of them. Never do this with money or private accounts! Some programs give people the ability to "take over" your computer, move your mouse and everything. Someone could have tricked your gd into giving them this ability (thru the game) then opened another window and accessed paypal from your computer while she was playing the "game."
If you can't close your account, at least remove your credit card and/or your bank info. I think you can do that without closing. And change your password!
Good luck.

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My password is not on my 'puter. It is in my diary in the other part of the house. I'll try to get in and remove the information - I'll contact my bank as soon as it opens... I'll change the password when I get into my account. This sucks! They might charge even more!

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Well - I can't remove the information with paypal - (Bank or CC #) until this is resolved - yes, they still show $14.99 out of my bank account.... I have a sick 3 year old today and can't go to the bank either... My paswword has been changed by me!

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I think it is time to have a good discussion with the Grandkids - maybe you already have.

I didn't let my kids play any online games until they were older. Just too many things that could happen. When they did start doing stuff online - it was where I could see them. If anyone deleted their browsing history, they lost all computer access.

DS really got into Runescape when he was about 12. I finally blocked it, as he was playing it too often, when I had told him not too. That was the best thing I ever did.

I had lots of CD type games and that was all they could play - I wouldn't even have the computer online when they were using it.

I really thought PayPal was the safest way to go - that is terrible to hear what happened to you. Hope you can resolve it.

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