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grandma_bonnieOctober 20, 2008

We need to start a thread every week so we can see how the shows are doing in different parts of the country. The shows I am doing aren't necessarily for Christmas, but the timing is right as I sell very little Christmas items. I sell the potato bags and neck coolers(STILL) that people buy as gifts for Christmas. On Friday, I set up outside our local Hospital and on Saturday, I set up after a neighboring towns founding day parade. I netted $677 for the week-end after expenses. Including travel time, That's over $34 an hour. My big sellers were the potato bags and a few grocery cart covers. I made 80 more potato bags yesterday so I will be ready for the three shows I have next week-end. The show next Sunday will be an actual Christmas show. I always have to take my gag gifts there as they expect them! lol

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80 potato bags in one day? How do you do that, are they precut or what?

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I have a system. I buy my material and have them ready to go, but my daughter times me and from start to finish ( including all the cutting, stacking, and sewing ) it takes me one minute and 40 seconds... I'm having to wait for my order of batting to come in to do too many more... They messed up my order!!!

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grandma bonnie, what is a potato bag?

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Great news. Next week start a thread like Craft Shows week of blan blank blank.

I haven't seen any going on around here.
Do you put a how-to sheet in with your potato bags?

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I have a tutorial on my webshot album - page 4
I cook potatoes and corn on the cob as well as heat tortillas and reheat rolls and other things such as waffles - all in the microwave...

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That is a FAST project. I doubt I could just *sew* one in that time, let alone do the start to finish! I'm glad they sell so well for you.

A neighbor gave me a potato bag she had gotten who-knows-
where. I used it a couple of times & donated it to GW.
Don't know what I was doing wrong, but I didn't like the
way my potatoes cooked. :-( And I had been looking forward to using one. (sigh) oh, well......

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have done one show so far.. we were basically lied to from the start! They charged us $15 more than any other crafter, they located us about a block and a half away from the main street where the festival was being held and they didn't advertise the fact that crafters were down the street too! It was a beautiful day, we moved our stuff outside on the street and after being fuming mad and setting up twice, we sold enough to break even. The only good thing about the day is that we spoke to a security person who was also on the planning commision for the festival and next year we are getting prime locations on the street across from the fire hall which is where all the bands play, food vendors are, etc. So I'm happy with that. and at least all I was out was the day! :)

Good luck this weekend to everyone setting up! I hope you sell lots and lots and lots! I've got my next show coming up in a few weeks. It's a two day show at the local tech college. Usually is a good one for us!

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Creepfan - what do you sell?

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Really nice! I can see that all you need is location - your things will sell themselves...

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aww, thanks Grandma Bonnie, that is a huge compliment coming from you!

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Big one coming up next weekend in Minot ND and then about 2 weeks later, the Pride of Dakota in Minot==all ND products and lots of boutiques, craft shows every weekend-as most all Churches + everyone else does something until after Thanksgiving, and yes even during the snow storms.

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wow, you have to be adventurous to be a crafter in ND! LOL My next one is a two day show on the 7th and 8th at a tech college. We've done this show before and it is usually really good. This is the first year we will have all our denim items.. a good test for us. Good luck up there in the great white north! Let us know how you do!

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