Habitat Restore

danaohOctober 3, 2007

If there is one anywhere near you, GO! You will be amazed and shocked. So much stuff and it is always changing. Always plenty of cabinets, and better yet, cabinet doors, regular doors, wood, wood trims, windows, flooring, tiles, lighting, and who knows what else. You must go there! But be prepared to spend some time - so much fun.

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I finally made it into ours almost two weeks ago! I was amazed at the prices and the amount of items! I just figured the prices would be high, but they're not! I saw old sections of cabinets for $20. Bathroom vanities with the sink attached for $10! Medicine cabinets for $5-10. Amazing!

While I was in there, I bought a set of cream vinyl shutters for DD's window. We live in a mobile home and it had pieces of white aluminum for shutters. My grandparents gave me their old shutters a few years ago to replace the aluminum pieces and I painted them all black. Our bedroom windows are 54" and Gran and Pap had one set from their picture window. DS's room is in the back of the house so nobody sees it but us. I just left DD's go because it's on the back side of the house but it's bothered me! It's something like $35 for a set for her window. I got a set for $6.50 :)

I also bought an old all wood door for DH to use to make us a headboard. It was $15 :)

DH found himself a Wagner Electric Power Sprayer...for $15! It works and has saved us a load of time on this project that he's working on. I would have been out there for days staining!

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