F&P Dishdrawer vent causing mold in drawer below!

pecanpieDecember 18, 2012

Our two single DDs,located on either side of the main sink, and each placed over same-sized pullout drawers, have been trouble-free since our remodel in 2005 (has it been that long?)


Within a month's time, one unit has started venting steam during the dry cycle into the large drawer below, allowing mold growth on the sides, and causing peeling of the paint on that drawer's face panel, AS WELL AS the face panel of a smaller drawer on one side!

The F&P repair guy recommended on the company's website said, "The machines always vent downward, yours has done it all along and you're just now noticing it."

I have a good collection of cast-iron pans and he's very lucky he didn't say it to my face.

Can anyone tell me
1. Why I'm getting this condensation and
2. What I can do about it?

Thank you all in advance for your advice!


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The serviceman is correct. DishDrawers have always vented in the same way and same location since day 1 of their introduction in 1997. Smashing a cast-iron pan over his head will not change that fact.

I have no idea why your condensation problem is suddenly happening. Not possible to diagnose that kind of situation from afar.

One effective workaround is to press Power to cancel the cycle when the dry phase starts and pull the drawer fully open so the heat and moisture can freely waft upwards.

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