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danaohOctober 3, 2007

Not sure if this goes here or sewing, but I am making recycled sweater purses (so much fun). How am I going to display them at the craft show? I bought 2 sheets of pegboard at Habitat Restore (I could live there, so much cool stuff). They are about 3 by 4 feet. Also got 4 shelf brackets, thinking I could screw 2 back to back with peg board between them to hold the board up (one on each end). But not sure if that would be sturdy enough.

How do I support the peg board so it will stand up on a table? BTW - I bought purses with wood or bamboo handles at the ts, they were $2. Much cheaper than buying the handles anywhere else. Also have some belts from there that I use as handles, too. Thanks - you all are so clever.

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My mom had got this for me from QVC. It's a hanger thing as you can see and it has these little notches on the "arms". It folds up really easily and compact...

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I have a pegboard display I bought at a yard sale (it was from an ex-crafter)it stood 6 feet high and was "outlined" by 2x2's to make it sturdy - found some pop in pegs from a dept store that were getting rid of them then you can put them where you wanted to. The only thing about this it VERY HEAVY - If you cut down the size you could put it on a table to bring it up to eye level.

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Can you cut slits about two or three inches wide in the bottom of the pegboards and then use a piece of wood, cut from a 2 X 4 piece of wood to stand them up? It would make a T at the bottom. When you look at the "T" I just typed, turn it upside down, that's what I'm talking about (funny way to explain it).


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You can get pegboard to stand using three pieces.. make a triangle out of them and zip tie them together at top, bottom and middle.

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You can get pegboard to stand any way but when you put the pegs/hangers and hang the purses it will not hold -Take one 8' piece cut it in half - "Frame" the pegboard - hinge the two pieces together - it will fold open and closed and will sit freely on a table

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thanks for all the help - I didn't think about the weight of the purses - Back to the drawing board I guess.

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I got an old hall tree at a thrift shop, painted it and added extra hooks. I works very well to display purses at a show.

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