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girlsingardensOctober 28, 2007

Well we went to a big craft show yesterday with over 300 booths. Funny thing I didn't buy anything but a dozen homemade pretzels, huge dinner plate sized ones:) I talked with a lady that did beautiful baby blankets and towel sets and we talked about the problems with the made in china stuff. She said that the show was supposed to be all homemade but the must have let the made in china resellers in to fill the spaces. We talked for 10 minutes and I felt so bad for her, she did have beautiful stuff and reasonably priced. My mom bought a set of 3 receiving blankets in a gift box for 20 dollars. She didn't have much traffic.

There were a lot of resell booths that were doing good business. But I could tell that they weren't homemade even if they acted like they were. In fact my mom spotted a fall decoration for sale at a booth, which was the same thing she picked up on clearance last week at Walmart. Can you believe that, they would buy things on clearance, and sell at a profit. I get so frustrated at these craft shows. I have been tossing the idea around of having a booth when we have our local craft show but this is frustrating.

I did see and talk to a couple of booths that did the arrangements in old boxes and cookware. They also had some cute stitcheries. I got their emails and am going to invite them over here and share some ideas with them. My mom did buy some blankets and hooded towels for the kids. Also a wooden teddy bear with changeable outfits that was really cute. But I came home with my homemade pretzels, what a deal:)


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Those huge craft shows are both good and bad .I could walk around and look at crafts forever - but on the other hand - there's just SO MUCH to see - it's overwhelming . When there are so many crafters - the competition is extreme. I found I can make more money at the smaller ( but well attended) fairs. I think the Chinese stuff is a thorn is everybody's side. More now than ever . When I did fairs - I'd post a sign - but not where everyone just passing by could see.... "All Original Ideas - made 100% by me" .
If I posted that where everyone could see it - the words Original Ideas would attract everyone that that wanted to copy a new idea.( My booth would be flocked ! LOL ) I put small signs in amongst my things ,so the serious lookers could see it. I'm really wondering if there will even be craft shows down the line thanks to all the imports. Anyway - thanks for the report !!! I'm looking forward to going to the next show.

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