Bed spring tute, requested by Janied

oddieOctober 23, 2007

Thanks janied! I will try, frist clean spring with rough sandpaper, remove as much rust as possible, clean with alchol,

you can spray paint what ever color you like or left un painted for a prim look, on the pumpkin and scare crow I used spray glue and dusted with cinnamon, snowman had fake snow glued on or white dimensional paint. for the head you can use styrofoam or even glass bulbs turning the hook part down, you can also use a wood ball like on the scarecrow, I make somekind of collar frist to hide where head is glued on, I use E6000 glue for everything.

the nose are caps off of glue bottles, ( the nose on the frist one was taken off of a old snow man)I wired the buttons on the springs and used a dab of glue so they stay in place,dimensional paint on the noses and where ever else you think it would look good as snow.I am not good at writeing instructions so if you have any questions I will try and answer.

okay you know you have to post photos when done!


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Thanks for sharing this Oddie. I know the pics are from last year but I will say again, they are gorgeous!!


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Thanks oddie! so the noses are made from glue caps and some are made from clay? I want to make some just like yours, but I am sure they wont be as cute, but I will give it a, janie

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janied, yes glue caps,I havent used regular clay, but I do make noses from saltdough, I might have used black dimensional paint for the eyes cant remenber now, mouth was a black marker, I give all my christmas stuff a quick spray of glitter, cant wait to see yours!
Thanks craftlady! never thought the springs would be such a hot iteam, want to do a few more for this year.

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Oh thanks so much for the great tutorial. I have some bed springs and didn't know how to get started with them. You are a doll!

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You are welcome!

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