Trick or Treat

oddieOctober 30, 2007

I promised two of my grandsons that we would make them something to take for there school party and also that I would post them on the fourm, the boys did do alot of the work with some help from me amd mom!

what do you think?


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S-o-o cute! Bet your GSs had a ball. I love that you recycled detergent bottles, too.

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Thanks shysue, the idea came from one I posted awhile back, at the time the question came up as to how to remove the label, OMG the glue is impossible, must be a new form never had that trouble before, so the pumpkin was painted and the ghost we used the cheese cloth sorta covered the mess from the label, sorry ment to put that part on the post.
Happy Crafting

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Pudge 2b

Those are great! Excellent way to recycle.

You know, in these days of recycle & reuse, you'd think the manufacturer would help out a bit and not use such horrid glue when there's adhesive products out there there that come off much easier.

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