Refrig & Cooktop & Hood for our new home

mnnieDecember 19, 2012

Here is the refrigerator and cooktop that I'm planning for our new home that we are building. I'd like to hear comments before we finalize this. We only have room for a 36" refrigerator, but plenty of room on the wall with the cooktop.

Refrigerator: SubZero BI36U/O. 36" bottom freezer with overlay � This unit has more refrigerator space than other 36 and 42" refrigerators, which it achieves by limiting the freezer space. The SZ has no water dispenser, but we don�t need one since we are putting in a water filtration system. We are adding a small GE frost free freezer to the pantry to supplement the freezer space.

Induction cooktop: Thermador with stainless trim, but I'm still debating 30" or 36". I don't think I'd need more than 4 burners, but the 36" gives more pan size alternatives. I considered Bosch, but it looks the same as the Thermador except the trim and controls and I like the Thermador better. (The Thermador is about $400 more than the Bosch.) I know a lot of people in the forum don�t like stainless trim, but I know someone without it who has already cracked the edge. I�d prefer to protect against accidents like this

Hood: Here is where we had to compromise. Minnesota building code requires make-up air if you install a hood with anything more than 300 cfm. Our builder priced adding make-up air at $5,000! 300 is the minimum recommended cfm for a 36" induction range and I almost never fry food, so this will have to work. Thank goodness I decided against a gas cooktop � there would be no alternative but to add make-up air.

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We have the Thermador 36" induction cooktop and absolutely love it! I decided against the Bluestar gas cooktop because of venting requirements we could not meet. Now that I've cooked on induction for about 8 months, I'm very glad we went with this option.

If you have room for 36" and budget isn't an issue, I'd recommend the larger cooktop. The extra room for large pots and pans makes a difference. I often cook with big woks, so I needed the extra space.

Venting at 300cfm isn't desirable. Is this the maximum you can have? We have a Kobe 36" which vents at 720 cfm maximum. For high-heat cooking I would not want anything less. You may not stir-fry or sear as often as I do, so you may be able to live with lower venting. I understand that make-up air requirements limit your choices, so this may just be what you have to live with.


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