Sending KA fridge back/need one asap

frankginakayDecember 19, 2013

We finished a total kitchen remodel in May, and bought a KA refrigerator. It was a piece of junk. I finally talked them into giving me a refund, and they are picking up KA tomorrow. Not much time to shop around. I am looking for a side by side that is worth the $$ you pay for it. I don't have the budget for the super high end ones, nor the space. Sure appreciate any models and brands that you love. Would like it to be quiet, have great storage, and make ice quickly.

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Hi Gina,

Sorry to hear about your KA fridge. We just recieved ours, but havent hooked it up yet. What was wrong with yours? And who delivered it (retailer or separate shipping company)?

You may want to reconsider trying another KA as you may have gotten a lemon. After extensive research here and elsewhere, I have learned that fridges are not made to last 20-30+ years anymore, but there are things you can do to minimize potential problems and lengthen their life.


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FWIW - Over the past several years whenever an appliance repair person has come to our house I've asked this question about refrigerators. Consistently I get the answer - no one, from the least expensive to the high end. Of course some folks have had good luck, but I know everyone who has bought a new unit in my family has found poor quality across multiple brands. Fancy features, but not longevity. Buy the best extended warranty you can. Our 3 year old french door Samsung is already on it's 3rd repair and the extended warranty is paying off big time. I suspect true commercial equipment might be the exception.

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Thanks, we loved everything about the refrigeratorâ¦
except the door did not line up, the bottom drawers were just stacked right on top of each other, and it didn't close all the way when you pushed it shut. We had 2 more delivered and the doors still didn't line up flush. We thought it was too much to pay to have that. They said they are made in Mexico now, and that is what they are coming out like.
We bought the extended warranty, and had the company we purchased from set it up. So we will start all overâ¦

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I have the electrolux counter-depth french doors with ice and water dispenser. It has a second ice maker in the freezer. We've had it almost a year, it's quiet, makes a lot of ice (!) and looks nice.

Hope you find a fridge that works for you!

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we had kenmore sxs(whirlpool) and it was ok at best. ice maker jammed up a lot and the drawers broke off the tracks so you couldn't pull them out well but no repairs in 7 years we had it. just got rid of it for a lg french door but after reading terrible reviews about every fridge maker out there, we bought the extended warranty from home depot, just in case.
i hated the space alottment of sxs as do many others plus i did read that they are the most problematic. maybe another style fridge?

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After a full day of reading reviews and going to actually touch some refrigerators; I have decided to go with a LG bottom freezer and 2 side doors! The company that we bought all our other appliances for kitchen remodel is cutting me a great deal. I can't find the perfect one for my budget, so will have to do without a few features. I wanted another one that didn't show fingerprints and could put magnetic things on~~this one does not have either. But, everything else about it looks great! Thanks for your help!

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Wish you had posted a couple weeks ago - we just had Samsung buy back our French Door RF263BEAESR/AA that was 15 months old. We had ice maker problems from the get go and they only got worse. After 3 months of replacing parts, they did a buy back (or we are still in the process). We loved the layout of our fridge and wanted something similar. We didn't have to buy another Samsung but we did - an older model - RFG298HDRS/XAA. In fact we went from a 26 cf to a 29 cf and this one is super quiet and the ice maker has a different model - with a second ice maker in the bottom freezer. Ice maker works great - plenty of ice for the two of us from the top unit alone. They were closing out the model but I would highly recommend it. It has the same basic layout of shelves and darwers as the other model and we got it for about the same as we paid for the 26 cf. Plus Lowes has the 5 year extended warranty for $150.00, much better than through Samsung.

And, if you register your appliance, you can get an additional 3 months warranty added to the 1 year from the appliance maker. We did not have an extended warranty on the first one, all the issues and replaced parts came during that 3 months. We did not have to pay for anything - of course it wasn't fixed either but they replaced the ice maker, ice route 2 times, freezer fan, and the left door!

I love the 3 door versus the side by side. Bottom freezer is so much more convenient to use. Things fit better and easy to access.

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We have a 48 inch KA and the doors stick out one about a quarter of an inch in front of the other. They came out and changed the gaskets and then the doors but decided the gaskets were two different sizes. They were impossible to line up. Aside from that it is the only appliance that has functioned well. Still inexcusable for something that costs that much.

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I have the elux French door - had some initial problems with the ice maker but since then had been great. - About 4 years old

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Thanks so much!
Mboston~we are just wheeling and dealing with HDepot/Lowes for a Samsung that HD has on sale. They are sold out and won't get any in until Jan. 7, so we are trying to get Lowe's to price match. GREAT thing to know about their extended warranty. The model is: RF4287HARS. All of the refrigerator's have issues with the ice maker.
we kick~I just couldn't live with those KA doors not lining up, and it wouldn't close when I shut it. They finally took it back after lots of calls.
I am nervous about buying this Samsung with all the other issues, but like everything else about it.

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The ice maker in our new one works great. The one in the fridge that is being bought back was a new model ice maker - supposedly would make 10 lbs of ice in 12 hours and we were told it would appear white instead of clear. Well it did and it made ice quickly. However, instead of getting cubes, you would get 3/4's of a glass with chipped pieces and maybe 2 whole cubes. Annoying but we could live with it. Then it stopped making ice and that is when they replaced it. After that we got ice that was not frozen solid and water would leak out of it inside the fridge and also down the ice route to the point that it would run down the outside of the fridge.

We are much happier with this one - the inside deli tray is a little different, but still can be set to a certain temp. I had considerable issues with the first repair company and it took me a number of times to get above the lower level people who take your calls for service. Once I did that, I got to someone who could make the call to buy it back. Still waiting on the check and to find out what they will do with the other fridge. I am assuming they will send someone for it - however, the guy who delivered the new one was not from the store that we originally bought the first fridge from so they did not take it. He said sometimes, they don't want it back - and its left up to the homeowner to either sell it or get rid of it. Will see - it is now in our garage, hooked up but of course not hooked up for making ice.

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The model you cited, rf4287hars, is rated on Consumer Reports. CR gives it excellent temperature performance, very good performance on noise & energy use, & good ease of use. Good luck.

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ED-C thank you SO MUCH! I am not a CR member, and always have buyers remorse after making a huge purchase.
Delivery is on Monday~~
You guys all rock!

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