craft shows for 10-25 - 10-26

grandma_bonnieOctober 26, 2008

Did a fall show yesterday at the park. Did good - sold mostly potsto bags - I made 100 of them to build up my stock and sold 60 at $6.00. Made 20 more for todays show mostly country and the few last dog ones I have which brings it up to 150... I also ordered dog fabric from jofabrics - nothing around here... I have a five hour show in the mountains today. I've always done well...Next week-end is just the farmers markets...

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Back from the Sunday show, not as busy but I am bushed... I sold another 20 potato bags and people were buying the redneck tank tops today for Christmas gifts along with my Weinie Washers... I cleared over $550 for the week-end and didn't have to travel far, but a hot shower and bed sounds awfully good. Anyone else have a show this week-end?

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I'm so happy for you and a little jealous. I admire your industry and get up and go and that there is an outlet for your sales keep it uP!!

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I sometimes feel guilty when my friends don't have good sales, but it's taken almost ten years for me to find my niche... I sell a unique item as a Christmas gift rather than Christmas items. People are having problems with their money, but they still want to buy gifts and I offer them a reasonable item... I got lucky, but it took a lot of work to grt here!

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Wow, GrandmaBonnie,
Sounds like you did very well, glad to hear all your hard work has not gone rewarded.. It is funny sometimes, what folks like to buy, something a person might not think would sell ,does the best.. and that is the one you make the most profit on.. so what ever you are doing seems you are doing it right.. congrads.. I am still sewing and making my gifts for girls at work and some of my family..
I have been asked to do a craft show that goes for three weekends in a row.. not sure if I want to do that.. but may do the last two weekends of it.. I just can not do all day on Fridays .. the cost if reasonable.. $40.00 for eight foot booth. and that is for all three weekends.. This is their first year.. so one never knows. I will let you know if I chose to do the craft show and how it goes..

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I'll add my report - did really good this weekend also - $598 before taking out the $50 fee for my double space. Last weekend had me worried as people weren't buying, but maybe now that it is getting colder, they are finally getting in the mood. Lots to do this week.....


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Huggybear - go to the show in the first week and ask the vendors how they are doing - is there good advertising. etc. Is it indoors or outdoors. The price is right - go for it if you can!
Arlene - great report! What a difference the weather makes in some cases... Love making money; did you have fun too? Here's to the craft shows continuing to increase in sales for us!

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I always have fun when I'm making money! That's why I keep doing shows. I enjoy talking with people and hearing their reactions to my gags. I also make accordion scrapbooks and so I demonstrate them to everyone who even glances at them and appears even remotely interested. I am usually exhausted by the end of the day - on my feet and talking all day long. But talking and being friendly and showing enthusiasm for what I make is the key to selling, I do believe. Saturday I was noticing the people across the hall from me - several booths in a row - just sitting and staring at me as I was jabbering to everyone. But like I said they were sitting and staring, not taking in any money.

Good luck to all who are doing shows this season!

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You are so right Arlene. years ago I went to sell at swapmeet. If you just stand there, people walk on by but point to doll & say $4 or lamp $7 & suddenly you have a crowd. It can backfire tho. Man made really nice oak pic frames but his wife pushed too hard trying to get people to buy even following them at our annual boutique. We ended it after about a very nice 10 yr run. I headed it & was cashier & it was nothing but complaints that day even tho we had told sellers, all members of our club to just mention their items, don't push, smile, keep tables orderly. You can't control a person in your club without offending them so we just gave it up. Good Luck everybody!! Grandma Bonnie you are doing well, take care of yourself also!! Jan

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sounds like good reports all around. We have another week to go before our next 2 day show. Have about 4 more lanterns to complete and finished 5 more denim pieces today. Send some good selling luck to me next weekend and I'll send some to you this weekend! LOL

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We were in Essex Junction, Vermont this past weekend. It was a three day show with over 350 exhibitors. There were exhibitors from as far away as Wisconsin and Florida. Customers came down from Canada, across Lake Champlain from New York and as far away as Boston.
Sales were excellent as the customers were buying!
We have done this show for about 10 years now and definitely plan to return next year.

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Way to go!!!! good luck to you all!

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Love to hear these reports! I have been invited to take my items to a few shows where you leave your items for them to sell. I just can't do it! No one can sell my items as well as I do. Yes, my back hurts and my voice
is gone, but my sales do well! Here is to good reports every week! ...and to show managers that help us by doing their jobs!!!

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I am glad to hear that you are doing well in your shows! I usually do about 10-15 per year. This year, I got a job with horrible nighttime hours and has stopped me from doing too many, as I work weekends also.

But, I do have a one day show at the Local Elks Lodge next weekend. I am doing this one, because after so many years of being their top seller and people are asking if I will be there, they have given me 2 $50.00 tables for free! I just can't turn that down! lol

It is no longer a Hobby for me it's an Addiction! lol

I am working hard, but still come in to check on everyone here, so I will be in and out.

Will let you all know how it is going!

Good luck to all of you and your upcoming shows!


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