Oddie! They are talking about you, girl

shysueOctober 24, 2007

And it's all good!

Here is a link that might be useful: Someone is very talented

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OMG! I so wish I could remenber where I saw the snowman noddlers want to give credit where its due! I just do the crafting!
I did see the post and wanted to ask ginger since she post there to please tell then that I have never posted to another fourm! never! I started reading garden web years ago and desided to post, never thought my crafts were good enough to share!I do read the other fourms and have found lots of cool crafts!
but garden web has become my second home! we have alot of nice crafters here who are willing to help with anything!
Happy Crafting

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Well, you deserve every great thing they said! Sure "you just do the crafting" and what superb crafting it is.

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Oddie, you are so sweet and so modest. All your projects always come out looking so good. Looks like others come by to see the posts here, but don't join in. They really should, these forums are the friendliest I have seen. Luvs

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Have you considered doing a craft show via mail? Taking orders or having several items ready to ship or a combination of the 2? If you do, pls post here; I'm guessing you'd have a good number of sales just from this site! JayOkie

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Oh how wonderful!! I'm glad folks are recognizing Oddie's talent, as well as her kind personality.

Niceness and skill should be acknowledged, and too rarely do we take the time to do so. Well done, Oddie!


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OMG you guys are makeing me blush! thanks so much for all the nice compliments! looks like I have alot to live up to! dont know if I can stand the preasure LOL!
Luvs it would be great if those crafters would come and join us here! we have the friendliest fourm I have seen yet! you and others have made it that way!
JayOkie dont know a thing about selling crafts, did two shows 20 something years ago, like everyone I could use some extra cash for christmas, priceing is so very hard for me, and wouldnt know how to start, do you sell by mail?
Jen you are too kind! and have such a way with words! always love reading your post, are you a writer by trade or craft? if not you should be!
Shysue thanks for shareing the link, and your kind words! we all love geting compliments and knowing what others think of our crafts
Happy Crafting

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