wolfe induction?

hjscmDecember 16, 2012

okay so i jjst installed my cooktop and wanted to play. i was under the impression the cooktop wouldnt get hot when i cooked food. i just fried some eggs on about 3/4 power and was tempted to touch the cooktop. well it gets pretty hot. i don't know how anyone can boil water with a dollar bill under neath the pot. i tried to fry bacon and put a towel under pan like i saw and it almost caught fire. was starting to smell and i took the towel out and it was burnt and ready to go up. could it be my pots? are some pots better then others?


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Well, the first thing that occurs to me when I read your post is RTFM! That may be an unfair comment, though, as I do not have a Wolf induction cooktop nor have I read the manual recently. Most induction cooker manuals will tell you to dial the heat way below where you were cooking.

It does not have anything to do with you pans. It is the heat setting.

Paper will start to burn at 451F.

If memory serves, the Wolf cooktops have a coule of 3000 watt-hr. burners. Putting one of those on "3/4 power" (and I am assuming it is 3/4 of the full boost power) is likely to heat you pan up to something approaching 500F. That is plenty hot enought to burn paper.

Bear in mind that induction is so efficient at transferring energy into pans that you can dial back the power quite a bit from what you might have been used to if, for example, you came to induction from a radiant electric cooktop.

3/4 power is pretty darn hot. It has been awhile since I looked at a Wolf cootop, but any glass surface is going to get heated verrrryyyy hot by the pan sitting overtop it when you run at 3/4 power and the heat radiating out of the pan will make the glass pretty darn hot.

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thats what i am thinking. just had it to high. but i tried my demyer pan( not spelled right) and it was not nearly as hot as my in expensive ones. the heat is from the pan not the cooktop i found out. but was under assumption from seeing all the hype that it did not get very hot. i guess if you cook slower with less heat that is true but for frying something than you need some heat. still a learning curve i guess. coming from gas though. the only thing that is bothering me now is the top always defaults to lock mode after 5 minutes of no use. wish it wouldnt do that. looked in manual but cannot find anything out about that.

thanks for the reply

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Glass gets hot...
You can cook through a paper towel or dollar bill as long as under combustion point.
The cooktop is still considerably not hot in compared to the pot.
I used 4 burners out of 5 tonight. Wolf induction

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When I used a pan to cook bacon, I routinely put a paper towel underneath and infact reused it several times before it would show scorch marks.

I now use an electric grill for bacon (drains off the fat). But I never set it above 350*.

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