Some of my older fall decorations...

sweets98October 16, 2007

The "Oldies" from this forum may recognize some of this stuff. I didn't have a camera back when I made these ('01) but I talked about them and some of the crafts were popular around here back then :)

Can you tell I was into recycling stuff into crafts? I did that ALL of the time back then. DH would get so angry because I had a huge stash of tin cans and jars all of the time under the sink! LOL But, hey, they were free and it kept me out of trouble!

Pumpkin made from a jar lid. I have a girl and boy scarecrow, too but they are the same as the CD scarecrows so I didn't take another photo...

Witch. She's made from an old glass candle holder. Her hat is made from old scrap jeans that I painted and hot glued together.

Scarecrow. Just like the witch...

Can pumpkin.

Ghost. The head is a tuna can, the pieces hanging down are pieces from an old Wal-Mart bag, spray painted with some white paint.

CD scarecrows. They look a little jumbled from being in the box. I had pumpkins, too but they are all missing their noses and my glue gun they're still packed away.

Another scarecrow, made entirely from painted denim pieces from more old jeans.

Sign, made from top from ice cream container!

Pudding cup pumpkins...there are more throughout the house...

Pumpkin made from porch railing spindle. My father gave me a whole bucket of these once, left over from cutting some down to fit on the railing of a house he was working on...

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I love all your "happy"

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Those are very creative and I love the way you paint such happy faces and add all the little extras that make them look "special".

I've painted a few cans too--mine were for Christmas. Like you I like to reuse/recycle when I can. In fact I have some glass pickle jars and some juice can lids stashed in the cupboard for future projects right now! ;o) Can't beat "free".


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Leslie~ I love how you recycle things into such cute creations. Would have never known those things were made with blue jeans. Didn't really ever think about painting them up like that either.
I have some juice lids saved that I made into snowmen, but I really like your pumpkin one. From the thumbnail I thought it was on a spring. Wouldn't that be cute too? I can just see them boinging around all over my house. ha My kids would never leave them alone. Everything looks so cute. ~Anj

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Oh, my! You totally amaze me!

I am in love with the little candle holder scarecrow!!!

Thanks for sharing.

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Very cute Sweets, these are all so darlin' - I love the way the creative minds on this forum come up with some of the most wonderful things.


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OMG they are all just to cute! love em! very creative.
your can pumpkin made me think of something I used to do, I worked as a cna and had some special people I gave gifts to for the holidays, I would use a coffee can painted like a pumpkin or other fall things, add tissue paper and a small pot of mums, a bow to set it off and you have a nice gift! should do well at craft shows also.

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