Wolf vs. Viking (36', all gas range)

mace8259December 28, 2009

I'm looking to purchase a new 36", all gas, professional range. I'm considering Wolf or Viking, but any suggestions or info will be appreciated.

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I chose a wolf rangetop and double fisher paykel wall ovens. Except for cleaning issues with that awful black enamel on the range top the combination works very well. the kitchen is 24 feet long and 5 feet wide with installed drawers etc.

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If you are looking for a 36" all gas range you should check out Capital. You will get same quality as wolf or viking for at least a couple thousand less. I bought one about 6 mo ago and absolutely love it. You can find many threads on this forum about capital and most is good stuff. A few of the criticisms I have really not found to be a big deal.

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If the question is specifically between the Wolf and the Viking, I'd choose the Wolf. I love Wolf burners, and Viking has had some problems with their ranges, though I think they've been working to improve that. The all gas Wolf has a good reputation. The old ones were fantastic and I have no reason to think that the new ones are any less so. (There have been some issues with the dual fuels.)

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Between the 2 I would have gone with Wolfe because of the comments on this forum on how good the grill is and fewer complaints then the Viking but....
money was a consideration. Wolfe was $1,000.00 more and since I live in Calif hard to justify the cost for the grill and I need all new appliances. If I just had the cooktop I would have gone Wolfe or if I had the money. So I ordered Viking. Haven't recieved yet so am only hopeful it will be trouble free.

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I have a 48" American range and wifey and i love it. i've had it 2 years i think, maybe 1.5 years and it cost 5k then. but it works great and looks better in my opinion. i got mine from Dvorsons rest. equipment in cali. good people there.
ck out the thread on american range owners if your interested.
Good luck in your quest : )

Here is a link that might be useful: american range owners #4

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better yet....go for the 36" NXR, with free shipping and zero tax. You can buy 2 or 3 NXRs of these for the price of 1 Wolf.

Or instead of buying 2 or 3, just buy 1 NXR and put the money saved in your bank account for retirement or the kids/grandkids college fund.

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The thing that differentiates the Wolf and Viking from the other suggested ranges here like NXR and American is that the All-Gas Wolf and Viking offer open burners, an advantage for cooking (see my links below). However, if you are not a serious cook, or don't care for open burners, then I'd have to agree with Steph1 that the NXR (made in China) from a money standpoint seems an amazing value; people on this forum who have them have posted they like them, though no one knows how NXR's will be on the longterm. Also, if the OP is planning to sell his/her home soon, realtors like to say the kitchen has a Viking or Wolf appliance.

Between the OP's choices of Viking and Wolf, I'd go with the Wolf only because we have seen so many threads here about problems with the Vikings and poor customer service, and so many threads here about how Wolf customer service stands behind its product when there are problems.

Thread about open vs. closed burners

Eurostoves video about open burners (CLICK on video entitled "Open Burner Vs Sealed Burner (2)"

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We have 36" Viking AG open burners range 3.5 yrs LOVE It - Viking gets a bad rap, many of the comments on here (from what I researched),were 2nd hand type. I ended up going to a Viking dealership to ck out Viking vs the competitors irl -

best of luck to you

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We had a 30" Viking all gas and just installed a 36" Viking all gas after our remodel. We love it.
In the 8 years or so that we owned the 30", we had one minor issue with the oven ignition. A repairman came out and easily fixed it.
We have the open burner design on both. I struggled a lot with that decision on the new range, wondering if I should switch to a closed burner. But, in the end, I figured I liked and knew what I had, so why change? I'm glad I stuck with the open burners.
We had a 30" Viking hood with the old range and got the 42" hood with the new. (We also switched to an external fan/motor. We love the hood.) If you can, I'd recommend getting the 42" hood for the 36" range, whether you select Viking or Wolf.
You should be aware that the black enamel does show everything. So, you'll need to clean often, which means removing the heavy grates, using a microfiber cloth to avoid streaks, etc. But, I'm very used to this and don't have any problems doing this at all.
I wouldn't hesitate recommending Viking.

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Thanks for the responses. Also, akchicago, your info on open vs. sealed burners gave me something to think about.

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Mace8259 - if you are still deciding between Wolf and Viking, there is a new development since your OP from December. See link below.

Here is a link that might be useful: Thread about Viking & LG

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I researched several ranges extensively, and recently bought & installed a new Wolf AG range. I almost bought a Viking since Viking has supposedly addressed all of the problems they've had for years, but the salesman asked that I buy an extended warranty on the Viking while he said I wouldn't really need one for the Wolf. I also called several major appliance repair stores in my state that are factory trained. I'm not sure if they got more calls for Viking repairs because of the ubiquity of the Viking, or whether the Wolf is less repair-prone. The repair guys said that the Wolf is made from better quality stainless steel, double-walled unlike the Viking, and more solidly made from higher quality components than Viking. Like the difference between a GM car and a BMW. BTW, if you're thinking of selling your house soon, every salesman at every store said to get the Viking because that's what high-end buyers want. I'm staying put, and simply put: I love the Wolf!!! I'm a serious cook, so I've used everything that this stove has to offer from convection fan baking, high BTU wok cooking, to the lowest simmer. The Wolf is a tremendous workhorse and delivers on every promise. BTW, my daughter was bummed when she returned to university and had to use her "crummy and slow" range in the house she rents with other students. That only heats to 10,000 BTUs and identical recipes turned out not as well on her range. While the Viking was definitely eye candy and appeared easier to clean, I have not regretted buying the Wolf for one moment. It's been a snap to keep clean. And I've grown to love the signature red knobs.

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"Like the difference between a GM car and a BMW." Yep there is a difference. For those with memories, recall BMW's valve problems---they blamed it on the Gasoline Yet the GM cars ran fine on it. Also recall the problems where water ran down the front door and into electrical connectors and hence on rainy days the car was "Crankie" to say the least.
For whatever reason there seems to be some kinda "Mystique" here that something that is built in Germany or made by a German company is far superior to that which is made in the US.
It just ain't so. I have had two Benzes (SL's) Each of those cars cost me more in one year than the 93 Cadillac Allante I bought to replace them has cost me in 10 Years.
More proof needed? I have a Swedish Friend that buys a year or two old Benz every couple of years. He says He doesn't keep them past 70,000 miles or the repair expenses really start escalating--He should know, He's had a bunch of them now. I know there are Benzes that have many miles and relatively trouble free, but there are many GM products the same way. In fact my 64 Dodge ran 315,000 miles before I had to rebuilt the motor and a 66 Dodge ran 206,000 miles with no engine or tranny work and we sold that.
German Products, like Scandanavian, Korean, Japaneese, etc etc they all have their good and bad and to Generalize, "It's German It's Great" just doesn't tell the Facts!!!


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not even thinking Wolf or Viking...but at this price point I am trying to decide which one is better?

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