What are you working on? 10/22

sweets98October 23, 2007

What is everyone up to?

I need to get photos of my candy corn bowl fillers, hopefully will get to that today. That's about all I've done. I painted a barstool and over the sink shelf in the kitchen black and then distressed them last night. Nothing fancy, though.

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I am looking forward to seeing your candy corn bowl fillers Sweets, I'll check back later today for them.

You have probably seen my witch and frankie post on here--finally got something cut out and painted. Have all these things I want to do but seem to be so slooooow about actually getting anything done!

I found this plant stand a few months ago at the TS and thought I'd try to make it into a cup/saucer holder and then put candles in the cups. Was lucky enough to find some matching cups and saucers and just coordinated the other set. I'm looking for ideas on how to spruce it up. Maybe paint, lace, rose swag? Any suggestions for me?

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What type of style do you have? Could you do the holder white, possibly crackle or distress a bit? I think that would really go nicely with the cups! Nice set :)

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Hey there.....working on all things having to do w/ pumpkin crafts.
Last night it was my celestial pumpkin lights and making a pumpkin costume for my niece. Pics should be ready by tomorrow of the costume.

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I didn't get to sewing up the bottoms of the candy corn yet but I figured I should just take a photo now so I don't forget...

giftguru, are you talking about the pumpkins with the holes drilled in them with lights poking through? I got a small set of lights yesterday and thought I could drill holes in the pumpkin candy bucket that I have outside for a decoration! I haven't gotten to really starting it but I should soon. After all, Halloween is FAST approaching!

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Working on some stuffed pumpkins. Bought a few at a craft show and then got inspired to try to sew a few.

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Sweets98 love your candy corn soo cute!
Been trying my hand at painting, you painters would get a big laugh at my way of painting!
frist is a old poster frame had that plastice stuff for glass, hubby cut me the window thing, been wanting to try my hand at the window paintings I see done so cute! so heres my try at it, I call it ( Wishing For Snow! ) what do you think ?
second photo I started last year and just finished today, dont know what the wood thing is suppose to be, wood is thin and its about a foot and a half tall, saw this snowman and thought it would work perfect! I did atleast change the wording on the hat LOL!
Have also been working on some treats with the GKs, I will post photos when we are done.

Happy Crafting

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Why would we laugh to see how you paint? Man, for just learning, you are amazing! LOL Some people try for years before they build up to that! Great job :)

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oddie - great job! sure wish i could paint like that!

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Oddie~ you've been holding out on us with the painting. You keep this up and you'd better come join us over on the decorative painting forum!! ha They look really great!! I love snowmen.

giftguru and barb~ hope to see your pumpkins soon.

Sweets~ your candy corns look great. I like that little trick or treat stitcheroo too.

I have company visiting this week but hope to get down to business next week with some projects. Ya'll keep up the good work!! ~Anj

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Sweet98 sorry and thank you! I didnt mean you would laugh at my paintings, you are all to nice for that! what I ment was my technique of painting,I do dry brushing, and wet brushing for my fourm of blending, some day I will check out all the cool painting supplies that are out there! oh! I have been trying for years LOL!
Thanks barb from pa, just keep trying! you never know what you can do!
anjabee thank you! you made me laugh! I will join you on the painting fourm, but to tell you all what beautiful projects I see
there, and maybe share some info I might happen to know, I will keep trying, I found two of those cute hard suitcases at a yard sale in perfect shape, need to get with luvs and find out a few things of how she done hers.
Happy Crafting

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I don't think it matters HOW you do it, it's the end result. I am totally self taught. I probably don't do it the "right" way either but I don't care :)

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Oddie, I 2nd what Anj said! And you keep saying you can't paint! Gal, that is PAINTING and darn good too. ;o)

Love those happy snowmen. You need to post them in the Gallery on the Painting forum too.

Dry brushing IS a painting technique and trust me, most of us figure out the easiest way to get the results we want.

My favorite part of the few classes I got to take was all the little tips and shortcuts she told us. She was a "crafty" painter too, so not so interested in techniques as some regular teachers are. One of those tips for the ones who had a hard time doing the shading was just to "dry brush" the area until they got the amount of paint they needed to look like shading. My other favorite tip from her was the alcohol on a q-tip gently rubbed on the piece to take the top layer of paint off. Don't like the color you used? Just gently remove it and do it over. Got a blob where it shouldn't be? Grab the alcohol and q-tip. Great tip. ;o) Because of her easy going attitude, I kept at it and developed a passion for it that I never would have if she had made it too complicated.

Who cares about whether it's the "right" way or not--if it turned out good and makes you happy, its RIGHT.

Lucky you to find those suitcases. Wanna come over to Painting and we will talk about what you want to do with them? Or you can send me an email from my page if you prefer.


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Sweet98 and luvs, you guys are so right! guess painting like any craft done to make you happy is whats right,I just see all the great painting you all do, no classes here to take, I am hands on mostly I lose it when I have to follow direction and it gets to complicated, I will keep your tips in mind for my next project.
Not ready to start on the suitecases yet, I found a painting book with a cute snow man laying down with his head resting on a birdhouse, if I ask now I will forget all I want to know LOL! thanks you guys are the best!

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