Advice for best dimmer switch?

minneapolisiteNovember 16, 2012

In my previous house we installed dimmer switches in several rooms, particularly all of the bathrooms. (It's nice to use the bathroom in the middle of the night with dim light to guide the way.)

The dimmer switches that we used in the old house weren't perfect...when you put them at "full strength," the light output wasn't actually full strength.

Does anyone have experience with really GREAT dimmer switches? I'd love to get your recommendations!

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IMO, Lutron makes quality switches and rheostats--and they look nice too. Think you can get them at Home Depot and Lowes these days.

Long as you are using standard incandescent lamps you shouldn't need anything special. Other lamps, however, require different controls.

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I was worried that'd be the response--the ones that never fully brightened up were the Lutron brand purchased at Home Depot.

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Not sure what controls you used in your previous house. The cheap rotary ones don't seem to be very effective or durable for very long.

There are good quality Lutron sliders (only) and ones with an on-off switch, plus a slider along side the switch. The slider only control has a "detent" or click stop at one end of the travel for max power. It has to be in that position for max lighting.

I'd experiment with one or the other to see how they work for you. Not too expensive, I think.

A call to your local electrical supply store might provide some other useful options.

Be sure to match the rehostat's rating with the electrical load.

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