Wolf L Series Oven Question

pgersbDecember 9, 2013

Hello - I have a Wolf L Series Wall Oven that was recently installed. I've noticed the little button that activates the dash rotation is 'wiggly' (don't know how else to describe it). It all works fine, but should this button wiggle like this?

If you have an L series, would you mind letting me know if yours is also wiggly or if it's not?


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I have a single L-Series wall oven and it is "wiggly", and that is normal. It is how ours has always been and how it has been on every one I have seen in show rooms including the Wolf cooking demo.


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Thanks philwojo99! It's just strange that they would leave it like that. I don't know why it needs to be so loose when it's really just a push-button. But I'm glad mine is not defective. Thanks!

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I would agree, it does have a lot of play/wiggle to it. We have had ours for about 1-year now and no issues yet, but it is just my wife and I no kids.


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I've had 2 Wolf L doubles. (The first was replaced due to blue porcelain chipping.) On my first one, the button wasn't as wiggly. The second is wiggly-er. The blue porcelain, however, looks like it's chipping again.

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Breezy, I am also having chipping problems again and I contacted Wolf and told them I would get back to them after the first of the new year. I hope the new E's have that problem fixed. At least they have a record of me contacting them. You might want to wait until to do anything about replacement until the new M Series replaces the L Series, but I would call them and let them know you are not happy with your ovens.

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Hi Kala. I just posted on A2's thread asking about anyone NOT having chipping. I was actually waiting a little longer until closer to the M release.

When you told Wolf, did they say anything? Offer anything? Or did you just state the problem and say you'd contact them again next year? I'm thinking that if I call them they'll want to do something about it right away.

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No, they were not trying to force an oven on me now. They said that the new Es will have a separate piece on the bottom and that should take the stress off the corners that causes the chipping. So they know that I am waiting for the new model. The new Ms have new convection fans in the corners and both E and M's ovens are a little larger. I would just tell them that I can wait for the new model. They are great ovens, if they can just fix the chipping problem. Good luck with yours.

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