Fascinating story about an 'abandoned' Parisian apt

mdriveJanuary 9, 2014

at least it is fascinating to me....and the pictures of the apartment are incredible....so many questions it raises for one's imagination!

(guess you will need to cut and paste the link)


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Here's the link:

What an interesting story. And the apt didn't really look all that bad for being vacant for decades.

Here is a link that might be useful: Parisian apt

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Annie Deighnaugh

Wow! What a find!

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i've been reading a lot of comments about this story (actually the event of her death occurred in 2010, and the original story is in the Telegraph) ....a lot of 'no way, this picture must be stage' to 'where's the dust'? (i see dust) but generally speaking people are flabbergasted she kept the apt. and apparently never returned...

some of the items (stuffed ostrich?) are truly fascinating, some are totally exquisite! that mirror! and the crown moulding..the vanity is just incredible....the painting is what i find most intriguing....this was a portrait of her grandmother by a FAMOUS artist, yet she never returned to get it?

wonder what fascinating story is behind that!

i keep studying the apt. pics....-gg

of course the mickey mouse doll (and is that porky the pig?) seem SO out of place, yet just adds to the charm of it all

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I loved this; a friend sent it to me last week. My husband got a job offer in France and a friend of ours said she had found an apartment for us there, and sent me that link. I was quite excited, and then fascinated.

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Miss Havisham would be quite at home there.

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This story has been making the rounds for a few years. I think the apartment was discovered in 2010. I would be great if someone did a follow up story about what happened to all the lovely things.

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If that apartment has been vacant sine 1942, it would be full of cobwebs and possibly rodent droppings and damage. The drapery / upholstery color wouldn't even be visible with that many years of dust buildup. And what about the changing temps of hot and cold? Surely there would be a breakdown of anything of fiber or wood, not to mention the stack of paper. I don't find the story believable and it could be a real estate gimmick, and a good one at that! As for it being a painting, it's the reflection in the mirrors that just doesn't look real. Definitely a sales 'prop' of one sort or another, and phony in actuality, whether it's a set stage OR a photograph, IMO.

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my first reaction was that this must be a hoax as well, but i did searches to indicate that it was and thus far have found nothing but the story as written in the telegraph article (2010)....

from what i can tell the apartment is still owned by the heirs, and nothing more has been disclosed about the sale of other items other than the painting of her grandmother....so for now, i am giving it a 'hmmm' could be possible but not totally convinced...

i'm not sure any 'gimmick' would be needed to sell that apartment, it is stunning....it would certainly be interesting to hear from a forensic scientist about how the items could remain in such condition....i think it is entirely possible, especially if the 'rent' included basic heat and cooling....the water damage surely indicates that there was exposure there

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Very fascinating indeed. Thanks for sharing it with us, as I really enjoyed the story and pics.

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