qtiemomOctober 17, 2007

I am sorry, I have not been here in quite a while. I only had access to the internet from work. But now I have it at home! WOOOHOOOO

Anyway I would love to share with all of you the crafts I have been working on but I can't remember how to post pictures in a message

Can someone please help?

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In the search box, type "For Newbies - Easy Instructions to Post Pics" - I posted it a few months ago. It gives step by step instructions using Photobucket.

Can't wait to see your pics,


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I did a search and nothing came up.....Ill keep looking around....thanks so much!

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Try this.

Here is a link that might be useful: Posting Pictures

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You need to have your pictures uploaded to a website like Photobucket.

1. Go to your pictures in Photobucket. Find the picture you want to post. Click on the "next to the last" tag under your picture to highlight it (turn it blue), then RIGHT click on that highlighted tag and choose "Copy".
2. Come here and start your post. RIGHT click in your post and choose "Paste". Words will appear but when you click "Preview" you will see your picture. Once you have sent your post, we will see it too.

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