All propane or dual fuel?

mlweaving_MarjiJanuary 13, 2014

I'm finding more on this GW site all the time. Had no idea there was a cooking forum or a quilting one.

My question is this: Does anyone here have experience baking in a gas range, and do you like it?
We are building, and before our final order for appliances goes in I'm second guessing myself.
I cook a lot, bake a little. I'd like to start baking bread again once we're in the house, may or may not happen.
I do a lot of roasting and braising in the oven. I bake cookies once in a blue moon and make a cake even more seldom.

Right now I've spec'd a 36" propane range with oven, Not dual fuel. I've also got a Thermador Steam oven going in, which I'm very excited about. I'm not putting in any microwave, as I almost never used it when I had one except to reheat coffee (bleh) and currently only use the one I have as a breadbox, because the power to it is such an issue (I live on a boat and the generator doesn't put out a consistent enough sine wave or something)

I really don't want to spend the $ on a dual fuel stove, and I'm hoping that I'll find roasting and braising in a propane oven to be fine.
What are your experiences and opinions?

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Have you been to the Kitchens Forum

That's were a lot of us started, and once we had a new kitchen, we started cooking.

You'll get some advice over there, some of it good, some of it ............... well.............advice.

There's also an Appliances Forum, but you'll go their at your own risk.

Good luck and enjoy your new kitchen.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kitchen Forum

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I have a dual fuel. My house is all electric except for stove top and fireplace. I like the constant of the electric oven and gas for stove top cooking. My stove is a Viking.

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I switched from electric to all propane, I was concerned but have found it is fine. Everything I roast comes out better and I like you do minimal baking but so far everything I have baked has come out just fine.

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There are subtle differences in electric and gas ovens.

Gas oven cooks mostly by convection heat.

Electric cooks by convection and infrared radiation.

Infrared is a light wave, the food that is in shadow will not be cooked as quickly.

I prefer gas. Also electric heating elements will sometimes need replacement and they are not cheap.


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Thank you eandhl and dcarch. You're both confirming my hypothesis that I'll be ok with the all propane.
I cook on an all propane stove now, it's gimballed and the oven is very uneven in heat distribution, but the options for a marine stove are limited. In any case, I expect my new land based appliances will be a vast improvement over what I'm using.

Suzyq, have you had experience with propane/gas being uneven in an oven, is that why you went with dual fuel? And do you like your Viking? Your Viking choice is about as popular over on the appliances board as my Thermador choice is - not much.
And thank you momj47 for your reply. I'm a regular participant over on the Kitchens, Home Decorating and Building a Home Forum. But I thought I might come to the forum where people are actually using the appliances and serious enough about cooking to want to participate here. Thought I might gain some real user insight beyond design and layout decisions.

I have been perusing some of the threads here and hope to participate more. I love to cook. I've built one home previously and renovated 5 others, putting different configs of appliances in each. This is hopefully our last and "forever" home, and so I'm being extra diligent in my decision making.

Thank you all for your responses.

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We have an all propane big range with two ovens and an electric wall oven that has conventional bake, convection bake, and all convection modes. Granted there are differences among brands and models, but I can tell you my experience. I prefer the all propane for roasting. We've done controlled experiments, cooking one roast in the Dacor (electric) and one in the American (propane). The propane-cooked one was superior. Did the same with roast turkey. Blindfolded DS2 (yes, we have our geek moments) and he identified the propane roasted one as superior. If I could only do one or the other, I'd go for the all propane. As for the dual fuel, I've not owned one.
BTW, I once lived on a boat. It was a sailboat and had a Gas Systems CNG stove. It was a GREAT stove, and I cooked many wonderful meals on it. I laugh when people on the Kitchen Forum talk about how small their 8' x 12' kitchens are. I want to tell them about my 3' x 3' galley.

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