Wolf A/G burners not completely lit

twoyurDecember 27, 2012

I seem to recall seeing pictures of Wolf burners that were not completely lit when the either the oven or the broiler was on. I can not find them. The service tech who was here to replace the igniters said he has never seen or heard of such a thing and suggested it was "that the Natural gas pressure was to high". They are fine when the oven or broiler is not on. This just started about week before the igniters began to fail.

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I had lots of trouble with an AG Wolf back in 2009. The burners wouldn't ignite fully (or at all sometimes) when the oven was on. If I recall correctly, I wasn't alone with this. Wolf tried diligently to correct the problem (with tinfoil at one point) but eventually gave up and bought the range back from me after several attempts. I assumed that it had been sorted out since then.

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My dates are wrong: it was late 2007 / early 2008.

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I can't speak specifically for the Wolf, but I had a similar problem on my DCS range. The issue was that the exhaust from the oven was putting out the back burners. DCS provided a redesigned island trim which enabled the oven to exhaust at a slightly different angle. This solved the problem. I vaguely remember seeing slightly redesigned grates (not sure if it was for DCS or Wolf) that also protected the rear burners from the oven exhaust.

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In 2008 (?) they designed and installed burner shields under/around the burners (on the affected ranges) to address the problem.

Service techs at the time insisted the burner problem was the result of using island trim on the range (in non-island installations), though forum members who already had, or who had switched to taller trims also experienced the problem if I recall. Wolf reps said that the issue was not related to trim height.

Service techs also insisted that the problem was related to under-powered, or non-use of vent hoods. Wolf reps said issue was unrelated to vent hood use/non-use.

One thing re: gas pressure that came up in our situation, was the opposite of yours. We were told that the range required a higher psi than the gas company in our area allows. So, in effect, our pressure was thought to be lower than optimal for the range???

The burner shields are made of sheet metal (?), and sit just below the burner rings, around the burner units. If I remember correctly, they designed different burner rings to use along with the shields, with more holes drilled into them, but that might have been a separate attempt at correcting the problem.

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