How and what do you say to craft show customers?

marti8aOctober 31, 2010

Or really, the browsers - when they want to take photos or sit with a pencil and paper and copy your original poetry?

I must admit, I was flustered, there were a lot of people around and I just didn't want to be rude and say no when a lady asked if she could copy my poem. Afterward, I thought I should have said in a joking voice - sure, you can have a copy for $10. But seriously, what do you say to people?

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Was it a poem you made up? If so I think I would have said, oh, it's copyrighted so it will cost you! And laugh!! Would at least make her think but some would want it anyway, if you got it off the web & it isn't copyrighted it's fair game. Oh, photos I think I would have a sign & point to it- No Photos- Thanks! Jan

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Yes, it was my original poem. I had done it in calligraphy and didn't even think to write on it that it was copyrighted. I could really kick myself.

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Somewhere there is an excellent posting on what to say and how to handle these people. I think it is something like What I heard at a Craft show or something like that. If this is your first show, don't be afraid to ask other sellers, especially the more experience ones. Don't be afraid to say, no pictures please and yes I do mind if you copy this. Sometimes you have to be rude with a smile, if you know what I mean. Maybe you can either get or have made tiny stickers the is copyrighted. Just think of it as a learning experience. Oh, yes it is good to have a helper with you, to watch your stuff, and watch the cashbox. Times have changed.

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I learned a long time ago these people are not afraid of insulting you, so don't be afraid to stand your ground about your work. If it's all original work, put out a sign stating your work is copyrighted.

If my wife made up a poem and displayed it and somebody was copying it, she would quietly just pick it up and hold it. And let the copier say something.

One of the biggest problems in this business is "crafters" who can't BUY an original idea. So they troll shows looking for something to copy. And if you have something different, you must protect it. When I made house numbers I had frames designed by me.

I had this sign in my booth prominently displayed.

"I have a copyright on my frames and a pitbull of a lawyer!"

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