Range hood/cfm recs for a BlueStar cooktop?

she_007December 5, 2013

We are considering getting a BlueStar cooktop (probably 36", but maybe 30") for our new home. What range hood do you recommend? I have been reading about makeup air and am a bit concerned about having a hood with the high cfms that I assume the BlueStar 36" would require.


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With hoods, it's always best to get the highest cfm rate you can afford.

As to the cooktop itself, people who have it complain about its difficulty to keep clean. I'd recommend getting the 36" rangetop which is just like the top of the 36" full range. I have the full range and cleaning the top is a breeze.

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I'm looking at the bluestar 36" rangetop (6 burners), a 42" hood (not sure brand yet) and from what I've learned so far, probably about 1000cfm.

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I'd be concerned about the "highest cfm you can afford" since makeup air and/or noise might be a consideration. I'd lean towards minimum needed for most of your cooking needs, plus1 step up.

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Thanks for the input!
I really like the BlueStar, but I'm concerned about a hood over 600 cfm due to this article and also code requirements. Would it be a big problem to use a 400 or 600 cfm hood with a BlueStar? http://www.greenbuildingadvisor.com/blogs/dept/musings/makeup-air-range-hoods

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I'd go with 600 cfm over the 400. The 600 should be enough, depending on your cooking style. Some smoke might escape capture during high heat searing, but most smoke, grease, and odors should be vented adequately via the 600 cfm hood.

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