Halloween Decorations

phonegirlOctober 3, 2008

Thought I'd share some Halloween decorations with all of you great posters.

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Very nice!! love the green pumpkin!! The porch & patio are so nice! Does that house thing stay there all the time? Looks like lot to store! Great job decorating!! Jan

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Did you make the ones on the table? They are sooo cute. Do you have a pattern?

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OMG! you sure get into decorating, everything looks so cute!
the pumpkins on the table remind me of noddlers, wonder if the bed springs could be streached out enough to do something like that, TFS !

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WOW, What awesome decorations you have. I bet the kids love coming to your house. TFS

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Thanks for all your nice comments. Everything is stored away except the arch if I feel like decorating it for Christmas. We just built a 36x48 two story shop a few years ago for storage and it's full. I posted some of the projects I have painted over on the painting forum. Leveta, the pumpkins on the table are metal but I'm sure I could trace them and send a copy. Let me know. I don't know why bed springs wouldn't work for these. Great idea Oddie. Cheri, I hope the kids love coming to our home for Trick or Treating as much as we Love having them. We live next to a small town so only have around 150 children who come for treats. Some of the parents will stay and visit while others take their children and do more trick or treating. That's what's fun about being a part of a small town and friendly community.

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