Hoping someone can help me out...

kessy56September 14, 2013

I'm looking for a pillow case doll pattern that was printed in a magazine called "Crafts" in April 1990. The front cover of the magazine has a picture of 3 flop eared bunnies made from muslin and wearing pretty dresses. If you could help me out, I'd be so thankful!

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Found tons of pics of pillow case dolls just by typing the phrase into google. Here's a site that has a picture and directions. Copy and paste the site into google and it comes up the first one.


Hope this helps.

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Thanks Deb. I had hoped to find someone who could share the other, as it was the one my mother-in-law used. She's not with us anymore so it's a sentimental hang up of mine. :) If I don't find anyone who can share, I'll use this one. Thanks!

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Try timelesstreasuretrunk.com. I think the copy of Crafts you're looking for appears on their website for $3.00

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