Simple Christmas gifts.

pattico_gwSeptember 7, 2008

kudzukween's post about the buttons got me to thinking.

They will make neat Christmas gifts.

We'll start with that idea...

I'll add one...

My daughter makes these. She takes a Picture frame, at least an 8x10...I think she found some that are 12x12...but not sure. She used her scrapping papers to decorate inside. But nothing too busy. Sit it on one of those easles. You can attach a dry marker to the frame and it becomes a note center. You can write messages on the glass and it wipes right off like a dry eraser board.

I have 6 cousins that we exchange gifts with that will be getting those for Christmas..probably a bracelet, and I plan to sew some coasters that I found online that look simple. you have a Simple idea to add?


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Most people I know already have too much 'stuff' so gifts either need to be practical or consumable. I may make some food gifts for my family like dried apples or possibly beef jerky. This something that dosnt have to be eaten right away and my family appreciates it.

I have a younger brother who bought his own place last year. I may decorate a redneck Christmas just tree for him with home made and 'found' ornaments. He'll appreciate the joke.

Once again, if we don't run out of time, I may try to make the birdseed wreaths with my kids. I think they would make nice gifts if wrapped in a clear bag and tied with some curly ribbon.

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Patti, that's a neat idea for the message board. Will have to keep an eye out for some pretty frames to try that.

Kind of along the same thought, I've been seeing some pretty silver trays and even some pretty centers of picture frames sprayed with the chalkboard paint. I've got some silver trays on hand, so would like to try to make a few of those. Has anyone used the chalkboard paint yet? Any tips or words of advise for me?

Adellabedella, I'd love some homemade beef jerky. I think I've saved a recipe for it, but will be visiting my brother soon, and I know they make it. I'll have to ask if we can make some while we are there, that would be a fun project to do while we visit. Thanks for the idea.


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Martha Steward has a really neat "How to make a Button Necklace" and is pretty simple. It could go along with kudzu's bracelets....

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Patti - are these the coasters that you are making? I love them - they can look so different depending on the fabrics you use. This is from "allsorts" blog - she has fantastic directions - and I just love her fabric choices on these coasters - super cute! Her whole blog is neat - she does some clever things with wool. Her blog is here: AllSorts Blog

I've made the Snowman Candy Bars - for simple quick gifts. The kids give them to their friends and they love them. I need something new along that line though, since we have done them already - we also did the Jiffy Pop's one year.

The Snowman instructions are at (that is her snowman in the pic) American Prim Blog

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Yes Iowagirl...those are the coasters.

I'm hoping to get them done in colors that will match in their home. I have a question calls for fusible webbing....I wonder what thickness. I have some real thick that I use to iron on the back side of fabrics I use for tote bags to make them stand up on their own. I wonder if that will work or be too thick.


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What a great thread!....I'm drawing a blank,even though I've seen just TONS of ideas the last couple of months!

I happened upon a blog or something where this lady got 2 matching gift cards(from Starbucks, I think)..she took one and cut it up into small squares with her Dremel,and sanded/rounded off the edges with the Dremel,too,then used them as beads for a beautiful bracelet,linking them together with jump rings and adding a clasp. It was dainty and beautiful. The 2nd card had the money gift on it. This could be a great gift for a girl or lady to any store, they have some of the cutest gift cards these days. Let me see if I can find where I saw this done.

I found it..I hope it's ok to post her link here! What a great idea:)

Here is a link that might be useful: card bracelet

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I went to a place sunday that make hand crafted things. A lady took a cabnet door and put cabnet handles on each side and made trays out of them. Then painted pictures on the front. They were really cute. One lady took I think hawk feathers and painted a cabin scene by a stream on one and birds on a couple others. Then they framed them. They were beautiful....

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