Anyone have opinion on DCS oven

phillyfeetDecember 17, 2013

Really trying to nail down the decision on the 30 inch wall oven. I liked the look of the DCS oven in person and it seems to have all the features i am looking for (including price) and doesn't have the blue interior that has been known to cause issues with other ovens. I just can't seem to find a lot of reviews. Maybe that's a good thing? Seems like a lot of people are only prompted to write a review when they have a problem.

Any thoughts are welcome.

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Can't speak to the dcs but I love my Viking wall oven. It's a 27" but the interior is almost the same size as most other brands 30" wall ovens. It heats up FAST, so I use it for my day to day cooking as opposed to the larger 36" bluestar oven that takes much longer to come to temp. Another nice feature is its self clean mode that I just used for the first time last week. Now that thing is as clean as the day I bought it.

I know Viking gets a bad rap on least their ranges do. But the wall oven is terrific.

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Thanks for the recommendation - i definitely appreciate it. i'll take a look at the Viking. BTW, I got to play with a "live" BS range a little bit tonight and really love the burners. Just didn't like how hot the bottom of the oven got at 350 for 20 minutes.
I took a look at the DCS and not crazy about the handle style, but that won't turn me away. Just afraid that a 30 inch will overwhelm my kitchen - it looked so big in the store. Reconsidering other sizes - good thing i don't need to make a decision tonight!

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I'm considering getting a DCS 36" range and dish drawers.

Did you look at Fisher Paykel, I think it's the same range as the DCS but with a more stream line look and smaller handles. I considered it but love the look of the DCS handles so much that am willing to pay the extra couple hundred dollars a handle for them.

Reviews on DCS are about the same as many other brands, some good, some bad. I was going to get the BS but not sure after reading recent posts here on GW.

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Yea I'm not too thrilled about the heat from the oven gets either...especially not with two small kids in the house. But in truth, it doesn't ever get too hot to actually cause any injury.

That's one of the reasons I got a smaller Viking wall oven, which is VERY well insulated and even at 500 degrees, isn't the slightest bit warm. The 27" is great bc it doesn't overwhelm the kitchen but it's big enough for my day to day cooking. I really only use the big bluestar oven for big meals, mostly on holidays or dinner parties. For events like that, the bluestar oven is great. And in my opinion, it has the best burners out there.

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Oh and as for the price, I got my Viking at a close out sale for a steal. It was a model that's going out of production (VESO527SS), but there are still some retailers who have some in stock and might be looking to unload it to make room for the newer models, which are identical in all ways except aesthetics.

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xc60- i am actually deciding between the BS and wolf range and then a separate smaller wall oven. I considered the DCS range, but only ruled it out because i was worried about the top looking dirty and read a few reviews that it was hard to clean. Otherwise, I was very tempted by it since it seems like the majority of negative reviews were the regarding the cleaning factor and not the performance. I have a range right now that always looks dirty (like gross dirty from the previous owners and not a well loved used stove top dirty, if you understand what I mean!), so that scared me off. But who know, i could change my mind again in the next few months!

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I can't believe i've never done this before - i just touched my current oven door after setting it at 350 for 30 minutes and it is hot too! Not as hot as the BS bottom, but still hot enough that i didn't want to keep my hand there. And this is a Kenmore. So i guess i don't have to rule out the BS afterall!

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I guess the problem isn't unique to bluestar after all. Def check out the Viking wall oven. The only time it's ever been barely warm was on self clean mode, running at nearly 1000 degrees for three hours.

As for keeping rangetops clean, nothing cleans easier than the bluestar.

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Phillyfeet- I was a little worried about the cleaning of the top of the DCS too and the post in this thread I'm linking here from weissman made me feel better about cleaning the top.

I would love a Wolf and still think of the BS every now and then, but due to cost and the DCS promotion of free dishwasher drawers if you buy a 36" range makes the deal even better.

I hope you keep us updated with what you end up choosing. :)

Here is a link that might be useful: Cleaning DSC post from weissman

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