I'm experimenting with RESIN ..

toomuchglassSeptember 25, 2008

I've seen just about every craft there is .....

( ok -- that's a lie - but it feels like I did ! ) *snicker*

Something made me think about clear resin . It's been done to death in hokey stuff ... I never want to see another scorpion encased in resin . 

But seeing fused glass got me thinking . In resin ,the different layers \- the odd things that can be imbedded \- colors , got me so curious. Polymer clay can be made to look like real life gems to be encased \-\- the ideas are endless. You can color resin , make layers , it's easy to drill and have so many options. I even bought the liquid latex to glop around forms to make molds. 

This is a new adventure. I don't know if anyone is interested \- but I'll keep you informed ! 
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You are so adventurous Toomuch. I like the idea of being able to make molds for it. Please do keep us informed on how your experiments go. Luvs

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I came across some neat molded resin ideas a while back when I was looking for an idea for letter beads. I don't care for the word choice used in some of these pendants, but I like the concept.

Here is a link that might be useful: Resin word beads

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Yes..please show us your experiments doing this! I have always been facinated with resin-in fact when I did my entire bathroom countertops in a stained glass mosaic..I really wanted to pour resin over the top but was scared to try it! Besides-the 3 glass shops I went to, inquiring if I could use stained glass on my counters.. all said they would highly doubt it. That's all I needed! I did it, love it & it's held up just great & that was done back in 2002. Whatcha' think..could I have poured resin on top? I guess my BIG question is: how do you prevent it from rolling off the edge of a surface and onto the floor?

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I made a stained glass picture of a horse and poured resin over it --- it worked great and gave it a "fused" look. I had edges around my frame , so I didn't have to worry about it dripping off the edge. I read somewhere that you tape cardboard under the edges so the stuff doesn't drip off - then you just sand the drips off when it's dry. I'll experiment for us :)

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Be careful with it. I used to mke frig magnets from dough that I dipped in resin. Didn't always take the time to wear protective gloves and ended up developing a skin allergy making things -most veggies such as potatoes, any kind of cleaner- caustic to my hands. Miserable and I sure wish I had worn those gloves.


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I've been making spoon pendants with it. And I bought some very small candy molds to try to make some beads with, these candy molds came with a childs candy making kit, so they are a lot smaller than the regular candy molds. I've read articles about using soap and candy molds, and since I have the resin I want to try it one day soon. I've seen them made with candy and cake sprinkles, those are cute, but I'd like to try beads and glitter. I understand you'd be able to drill a small hole for a bail or tiny eyescrew to hang them with, or add that to it before it hardens. I had a problem with mine staying tacky due to the high temperatures and humidity we have here, and emailed the company of the brand I use, and it was suggested I spray with a clear acrylic spray. My DH bought me Rustoleum Crystal Clear, and it worked great. I've seen some with dried rosebuds and babys breath...here is a spoon I made with my grandchildrens photos.

Here is a link that might be useful: kudzus album

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FYI...just saw a show on DIY yesterday where they resined the top of a bar in their family room. After pouring the resin over it-many air bubbles appeared. To solve that-they used a propane torch & ran it evenly & fairly closely- across the bar-bubbles were gone!

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I used it over a slate welcome sine I made years ago for my sister, you can also use a blow dryer on low air to help get out any bubbles.
I would love to try makeing one of kudzus spoon, they are so cool!
please show us what you have made toomuchglass, Iam so interested!

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