For those who change your decorations monthly

marti8aSeptember 14, 2009

What do you have for September? When the kids were in school, I had a back to school theme centerpiece. Now that they are grown and gone, that seems pretty lame.

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I use bouquets of slightly weathered looking sunflowers (darker golds, rusts etc..) they are ummmmm silk (gasp)
I put them in various crockery containers, along with the occasional feather, cat tail and lotus pod.
Sticks, stones and candles in lanterns round out the display.

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I like the idea of sunflowers in Sept. One year I collected cattail from my pond and it looked great. Then one day I went into the foyer and one of the pods had exploded. Eeek!

When I asked dh what he would like to see in place of school stuff, he said that Sept. 1 is opening day, so something with a shotgun and dove would be nice. Uh huh.

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Most everyone seems to be bringing out their Fall decor now--it's still so hot here that I can't quite get in the mood for it myself yet. I love sunflowers, so that seems like a good suggestion--not so sure about the shotgun and dove idea however! LOL


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Marti, if you spray the cattails with hairspray (the cheapest you can find is the best) they won't explode and make a mess. If I am in a hurry, I have used clear spray sealer, but the hairspray is cheaper and works just as well!! I also spray lotus pods and cattails with the very fine spray glitter intended for fancy-schmancy hair dos. They look beautiful!!

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Thanks, jaybird, I'll try that.

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