Vine wreath 'Centerpiece'

slinkeySeptember 18, 2008

I posted this on the Holiday site, so I thought I'd put it here too. This is one of the vine wreaths I made and used it a little differently. Instead of hanging it up, I used it for a centerpiece. I put it over a large wire basket I had. Put the hurricane w/candle in the center. Filled the hurricane w/small pine cones and filler. I then added gourds, faux fruit and some berries...

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OH Slinkey, What an awesome centerpiece. I just love it. You did an awesome job on it!!!

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Thanks cheri...I really enjoyed doing this one, as it was a different look.

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Beautiful!! Like the pinecones in the hurricane lamp too!! Should look great right through Thanksgiving!! Jan

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Slinkey, I commented on the other forum. This wreath really turned out so pretty. I love all the fruits and berries you added to it.

I just wanted to be sure you placed a glass or metal saucer under it if you are going to light it. The reason I say this is that one year, I had a similar one on my coffee table at Christmas, we all left the room to try out a new video game and forgot to put the candle out! It burned down and seeped under the glass globe and caught the decorations around the glass globe on fire. Luckily my son saw it and ran and threw a throw over it to put the fire out. I ended up with a blistered coffee table but it could have been much worse. Believe me, I am pretty paranoid about burning candles now.


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Oh Luvs..thanks for this advice. I would never have thought of that. How scarey that it happened to you, but fortunate that your son saw it in time. You always hear of horror stories w/candles, but I never would have thought about that happening as you mentioned. Again, thanks and I will definitely follow your advice

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Really beautiful!! Great job!! Thanks for sharing!!


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