Has anyone ever painted a bulletin board?

msroseSeptember 3, 2007

I'm redecorating my son's room in black, gray, and red. I have a fairly cheap bulletin board that I bought from Walmart before we decided to change his room. I was just wondering if I could spraypaint it black? Anyone tried this?


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I was sure that you could paint cork but I looked it up, too. Yes, it CAN be done :) So go for it!

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What is the board made of? Iam thinking most likey cork, havent tried painting cork althoe Iam sure it can be done, probley soak up the paint and will need a few coats to cover, I do have another idea, have you thought about covering the board with black fabric? just a idea but I am sure someone on here has done it and will post and tell you how.
Happy Crafting

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Yes, it's cork. I did think of the black fabric, but I thought paint would be easier. Since it sounds like it can be done, I think I'll go ahead a try it. Thanks!


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I did this years ago - when I was a teenager and had very important things to hang in my room :)

You will need a couple of coats of paint to cover the corkboard. Obviously the wood frame is no big deal.

After a lot of use and moving/replacing my important teenager things you would start to see the original cork color showing through the pin holes.

Otherwise, works like a charm.

(Another idea - a friend of mine hung a large square of sheet metal in her room once. Basically had the big box hardware store drill holes in the corners for hanging. Used magnets to hang her important teenager things. Was very industrial and cool looking for just a couple of bucks)

Here is a link that might be useful: craftfetish blog

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Yes I painted a bulletin board. I painted some flowers and leaves on it. It took 2 coats of paint and sprayed a sealer on
it after it was done. Very pretty to hang on wall in kitchen
for notes.

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When I redid my teen son's room in those exact colors, I covered the cork part of his bulliten board with wallpaper. I had papered an accent wall and used the same paper on the bulliten board. Looked sharp and it lasted till the next renovation--about 10 years later.

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