Oak vs Birch cabinets

Tracik3November 15, 2012

We need to pick our cabinets soon and need a little help. We have Oak in our house now and we do like them. But, are looking at birch for the new house. The builder said right now more people are going with birch. I heard birch wasn't as durable though. I don't know if this is true. We looked at a house where he did birch and we liked it too. We just don't want to put something in there that will really date it, if we have to resale. Any advise?

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I'd head over to the kitchen forum and dig around. Cabinet types have been discussed there a long time, as well as many many pictures posted.

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Cabinets depend on type of construction, door style and finish materials, for example, stained, painted or some other finish. The wood should match the desired construction appearance and finish.

For example, in a flush overlay construction, one cannot see the base cabinets, only the doors. Thus, it matters little what the boxes behind the doors are made from.

As to finishes, if all of the trim in your house will be painted, you may want painted cabinets and vice-versa.

Kitchen forum is a good resource.

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thanks ya'll! I will look there!

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Birch for painting, oak for a clear finish.

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