Propane for gas range?

doucanoeJanuary 13, 2011

Does anyone here use a gas range which is hooked up to propane?

My piece of crap electric glass top will need to be replaced soon and I wold love to go with gas, but we are on propane here and I am concerned about the cost. Propane is certainly not a cheap alternative!

Would love to hear from any of you that may have some experience.


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Yes, Linda, Mystic has no natural gas so I have a duel fuel range hooked to propane & love it. I lose a few BTUs but it inconsequential, IMO. I've got a Kenmore Elite Gas-on-Glass five-burner cook surface with an electric self-cleaning oven. There's also a warming drawer under the oven that I use almost daily.

Here, propane is super cheap. It costs less than $5.00/month to operate the burners & most of that charge is various taxes & surcharges. The propane cost alone is something like two bucks.

There was an electric range here when we purchased so we had to have the propane line/tank installed. That cost $400 but included also running a line to the back patio for our BBQ. Our provider comes once every 3 months to refill the tank.

There are some regulations depending on your location regarding installation of the propane tank. It has to a certain distance from the house. Also, the line has to be dug below your frost line. We had a large maple tree root that caused our installation to be a bit above average cost. Normally, installation here would be about $250-$300. Small price in order to have a gas range if you really prefer cooking with gas (and I do!).


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I had propane ranges a number of times in the past due to prefering to live out in the sticks, LOL. Luckily, DH used to be a gas plumber and made sure everything worked properly. Most gas ranges are set up to use natural gas and they need to have a few parts changed out and/or set for LP pressure. DH isn't here right now so I can't give exact details(old brain problems), just be sure the range is outfitted for LP. Boy, do I miss cooking with gas! We're in a rental now and have to use the carpy electric range. Ironically, we live next to a propane refilling station.

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In my last house, I had a propane range. Otherwise it was electric only & for me that was a nogo. No one else had propane. Loved the range & the propane was fine. Cost of the propane negligible. But if you already have an electric range, why not go induction? I've just moved to a new place & couldn't get gas of ANY kind, so I went induction & I love it. Its fast, clean, and cool (temperature & otherwise!).

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Our only option is propane for our 5 burner all gas DCS range. The only thing that uses much propane is our generator. Really the range usage is negligible. Our tank could be placed next to the house but so many feet away from doorways, windows and electrical outlets. I went from electric to gas and will never go back.

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OK, DH says the things that need adjusting for proper flame are; pressure regulator, burner orifices, and possibly the air shutter(on burners). He says some of the higher end ranges will have change-out kits for this. HTH

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Thanks for the info. We had to switch out our gas dryer similar to what you are describing for a range, noinwi. That was fairly painless.

It will be a while before I invest in a new stove, but it can't come soon enough for me! LOL

I don't know much about induction.

Our electric bills are ridiculously high so maybe propane would actually be cheaper in the end.

I appreciate the feedback!


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CA Kate

I have a Thermador 5-burner gas stovetop that uses propane... as do the clothes dryer, the furnaces, and the hot water tank. I have no problems using propane, but as someone else mentioned you have to order propane-ready appliances, or have the orifaces changed over with a kit,

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Propane here, too, for my Dacor duel fuel. No problems at all.

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Linda, I always thought I would switch over to gas when the day came to redo the kitchen. I even have natural gas already to the house for the furnace. A high powered, gas six burner was a definite.

Fast forward to a year ago when it came time to study and make decisions about the new kitchen. I started seeing references to induction and how much those who had it, liked it. Induction has all the benefits of gas, instant heat and instant adjustment but none of the drawbacks. It is so easy to clean, no more burnt on gunk to clean up. The surface never heats up to burn on spills and drips.

I also knew that if I went to gas I would still want my electric oven. I ended up deciding to go with induction.
I love it and am so glad I did.

There's all types of induction stoves and cooktops out there and I haven't really heard anything bad about any of them. The link below has some really good info and may help.


Here is a link that might be useful: The Induction Site

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One thing to be aware of is that whether it's factory made for LP or converted after market with a kit most (not all) ranges/cooktops have lower burner ratings with LP. For instance, I just picked the first range that came up on Viking's site, and the 15K burners on NG are only 12.5K on LP. I'm thinking that's pretty low by today's standards.

Here is a link that might be useful: viking range

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I'm not sure if LP (liquid petroleum) gas is even sold in MN anymore. I haven't seen it anywhere for decades. It's all propane now AFAIK. Few would want LP this time of year with the winter we've had. Have propane at the lake, electric at home. Used to use LP in the summer and propane in the winter since LP was cheaper but now as I said I don't think you can get LP here anymore. And yes, you don't get the same BTU output as with natural gas.

Bought a new electric stove for at home and it's fine for me. Much better than the old one and far superior to either gas stove at the lake, but they all work. I maintain a good cook can cook on anything, even a campfire! (Red Green had an episode about cooking Thanksgiving dinner on the car engine on the way over after all.) Keep in mind there's good gas stoves and bad gas stoves, just like there's good electric and bad electric stoves. To judge them all by one isn't very prudent.
I've read about a lot of people converting from gas to induction and it's interesting. I couldn't justify the cost now but might consider it in the future. I also couldn't justify the cost of running a gas line in the house, though it wouldn't have been too expensive I wouldn't think. But for me, I can cook on most anything. I like using the Nesco, the convection and the microwave for a lot of things too.

In short, if you want gas, get gas. If you want induction get induction. Some have had an induction hob with a gas and/or electric hob in kitchens too. Five years down the road you won't realize if there's a cost difference anyway. Who knows what the utility prices will be in five years? Gas could be sky high and electricity "penny cheap" or vice versa. Big deal. As the song goes, you can justify it in the end.

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Very few of us have our cooking appliances operating for long enough each day to notice any difference in energy costs, so I wouldn't use that as a decision criteria in deciding between gas or electricity. I've often been entertained by the "flame wars" that periodically erupt over on the Appliances Forum between the devotees of each type of range.

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Cynic, LP is Liquid Propane. When stored under high pressure(in tanks)it is in liquid form and when it is released from the tank through the pressure regulator it becomes a low pressure gas that is fed to home appliances. Trust me...DH used to design gas systems(Natural and LP).

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We have propane here. I just don't care for electric stoves. We also run our hot water heater and dryer on propane, so we use a fair amount of it. I don't think it's that expensive. Last time we filled up it cost $213. That lasts about four months depending on whether it's winter and we have to run the water upstairs so the pipes don't freeze. Smiles. Still, it does pretty well.

Btw, I guess out here in the sticks we have different regulations because our pipes are not buried and run right along the house for about eight feet before they go in behind the stove. The tank is right up against the house, except for a slight clearance and we have an outdoor electrical outlet right there too. Last year they did come and inspect all their tanks and we got a new one because ours was starting to get a little bit of rust around the bottom. We've been in this house for 56 years and it's always been like this. Our appliances come already propane ready.

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LPG is Liquified Petroleum Gas, a generic term for a petroleum gas which becomes liquid under relatively low pressure. Propane is an LPG but an LPG isn't necessarily Propane. Butane is another LPG. AFAIK what's sold as LP may or may not be a mixture.

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