Do you like 'rusty' look of metal ?

toomuchglassSeptember 7, 2007

I know it's a big trend ... but as for for myself ...I don't. I especially don't like copper with the green patina on it. That's just my taste. There's nothing wrong with the aged look either - it's just me. I grew up with old and rusty things ...... and it wasn't done on purpose ! LOL Does your taste lean toward the "rusty look " ?

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See I do love the look of aged items,rusty,patinied and the look as if it has been loved and used over time. It seems to have a sense of history for me.
I'm one of these strange folks that hates perfection or attempt at perfections in decor/art, etc.. and most of the time I hate symmetry, it's BORING.
I think along the lines of nature is never perfect and in all it's glory and imprefections it's gorgeous.

just me.

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I LOVE Primitive antiques. Love those old things and the more beat up and worn, the better!I just love having pieces that I know were used and have such history!

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Some like it, some don't. For me, it all depends on what it is that's rusty looking. I think that primitive/rustic looking things are really taking off in the craft world, including rusty stars, pins, shapes, etc.

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Maybe it's just a vicious cycle. My DM does not understand my fascination with old, beat up and rusty things. She said she grew up with all that junk and she wants bright and shiney and new things.

So I grew up with her bright shiney and new things and want the old beat up "junk". My kids are growing up with my old beat up "junk" and will probably want bright shiney and new and their kids will want the old stuff. ha See, vicious cycle. ha Hope I live long enough to see if my theory plays out. :)

I don't like it because it's somewhat of a current trend. I've always loved old things. There is the history with old pieces like Ginger and Sweets said and it just seems warm and homey to me. So bring on the rust!! :)

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Anj, I think you are right!!!!
For myself, I like the COLOR of rust, but I have a tendency to wax or clear coat the item because I don't like to have the rust rub off on me!!! One way that I have found to seal it and have it look really cool is with brown shoe acquires a pretty patina with a couple of coats of polish.

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Ohhhhhhhhh -- that opened my eyes -- I take my original post back .... I DO like the color of rust ... not just the actual flaky metal !!!

I guess you can say I like FAUX RUST ~~~ LOL !!

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jaybird are cute!!! Have a good weekend!!

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