Crafty ideas for a earring stand?

talatSeptember 6, 2007

I am wanting to make a cool earring stand. Any thrifty and cool ideas out there? I have seen some on HGTV, DIY, etc. The best was made of an old cabinet door, with the inside panel of the door removed, and a wire mesh stapled in it's place. Old and funky door knobs were screwed around the door to hold necklaces and such...nice. I am thinking of Christmas gifts.


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I think I once saw one that used a picture could use any size. I'm not sure if they used fabric and just poked holes in it or screen so that you can put backs on or stick hooks through. You could even go as far as to paint the screen with some sort of design or something!

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I think that's a great idea. Where these people get these 'beautiful old cabinet doors' is beyond me. You could decorate the frame just about any way. Teenage cool to shabby, to chic..


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i made one for myself and used a picture frame that i picked up at a yard sale. it is very rustic, kind of like barn wood and i stapled screen in the back, and it is hanging on the wall in my bathroom. works very well.

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I made one from spacerbars used for stitching projects. Have been thinking of making one from a picture frame I got at a yardsale.

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A friend of mine saw someone displaying earrings (open back type) on a box grater. Could be cute for a homespun look. I've also seen framed doilies used as well where you just hook the earings into the doily.

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