How do you clean your Bluestar grill?

deegeegirlDecember 27, 2007

I searched old threads but didn't see an answer to this, so here goes!

I've been cleaning the grates with warm soapy water after each use, which seems to work OK. I haven't yet done a thorough cleaning of the rest of the grill and it's getting pretty grungy. The top pieces that hold the grates come right off, so they're easy to clean. Does any of the rest of the grill come out? There are two screws on the left and right sides that can be unscrewed - but I'm not sure if that allows one to take out the metal frame of the grill or not. Can the burner be cleaned?

The manual refers to using a commercial oven cleaner "on this part" but it's unclear to me if that means the grate or the whole grill.

What have other people done?

Much thanks.

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FWIW....I never clean grills. I find they work better if left alone. I wire-brush them to get the pieces off, but otherwise just leave 'em permanently seasoned. I used to clean them but it was always difficult and unpleasant, they never got actually clean-looking anyway, and the food always stuck more afterward.

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You can remove the grates the two stainless steel surrounds the flavor bar and the burner itself. you should only need to remove 1 screw that being the one that holds the burner in place to the back of the range.

once the flavor bar and the burner have been removed you can also take out the triangular piece at the base of the grill.

you must be very careful not to touch the ignition bar to the left of the Grill. I would use easy off to remove the burnt on grease.

Once clean i would recommend lining the grill box with tin foil making sure to over lap the sides so the stainless steel surrounds trap the tin foil. we also line the center of the burner and the triangular bar across the base. Making sure to cut slits both side of the triangular bar at the base to alow grease to run onto the drip pan.

Hope that helps

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I generally use a wire brush only, like asolo. However, I was cooking some oily product and got a bad case of flames. Needed baking soda to put them out. So I decided I needed to do a thorough job of cleaning.

Trevor did a good job on the dismantling instructions.

I used a pressure washer on mine recently. It did a wonderful job, with just a few minor stains remaining. In particular, the grids were spotless. Next time, I will try oven cleaner as well.

If you do not have a pressure washer, try a self-service car wash.

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Thanks everyone. I wasn't concerned so much with appearance - I wanted to get rid of the grease, burnt on or not. So, I took the pieces out this morning, sprayed them with oven cleaner and am waiting 2 hours or so to see how they clean up. Will definitely line with aluminum foil when done.

Suggestion to Prizer-Painter - put the dismantling/cleaning directions in the manual... :)

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Cleaning went fine - got all the grease off and put parts back, lined with foil.

Now that it's back together, the grill won't light. I made sure I didn't touch the ignitor when I was cleaning. It does go on and then I can hear the gas start. However, it doesn't light. It's been about 12 hours since I put it back together which should have given it enough time to dry (??). What would cause the gas to flow but not light up? Any suggestions are most appreciated.

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I would suggest on of two things.
1) the burner is in upside down
2) the female end of the burner pipe is not fully connected to the male connection concelled in the front of the unit.

Simply take out the burner and turnover if necessary or take out the burner and lean forward and look in to the hole. You will see a brass male connector make sure the burner pipe fits into and connects fully with the male connector, it does not click or fix together its a lose fit but it must be inserted fully.

Good Luck

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