Help with a Vent Hood Please

ashikDecember 27, 2013

I have been doing much reading on here and am embarrassed to say that I don't know what I have and what I need. I currently have an under cabinet microwave hanging over a 30"BlueStar cooktop. I want to take out the micro (and place it/or smaller one elsewhere) and put in an adequate vent in its place. There is a duct in the cabinet above the micro and a "flap"?? outside which I am assuming is where it is vented through.
Soooooo - what is an internal fan? Do I need it? What is an external blower? Is that what I have?
I am hoping for a sleek minimal stainless look. I liked the London Flat from Prizer but it seems to only come in 36" and I need a 30" I also liked a Zephr Terrazo but am not sure about the hanging utensils as well as the stainless panel above the shelf - not sure if that means it has to hang lower and thus be too close to the cooktop?
I hope you can help me.

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Your Microwave/hood probably was about a 200CFM capacity. You can find all kinds of 30inch SS hoods in a 200 to 300CFM range under $200.
Typically the hood is mounted 24 to 30 inches above the cooktop.
I suggest you narrow down your search and then check the installation manual online for the suggested mounting.

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The good news is that your MW was vented outside and you have a duct. You need to figure out what the diameter of the duct is - that will limit the power of the hood you get - unless you plan to replace the duct. With a Bluestar cooktop you may want a somewhat more powerful hood - 600 CFM if your ducting is at least 6". Kobe makes reasonably priced hoods that work with 6" ducts. Generally hoods are mounted 30" - 36" above the cooktop. An internal blower is one that comes included in the hood. Another option is a hood liner with an external blower mounted outside - possibly quieter but more expensive and difficult to service.

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A low profile hood will have the blower/s attached in an enclosure which is recessed into the cabinet above.

The recommended venting of your appliance by the MFG, should be followed.
A 6" vent pipe will not support the volumetric efficiency required to properly vent a 600CFM blower and will shorten it's life.

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