Pick My Ventilation For My 36" Rangetop (pic included)

building_a_houseDecember 8, 2012

Need some suggestions for ventilation for my rangetop.

I will be using a 36" Wolf 6 burner rangetop (not included in this picture). The hood can vent directly through the attic above out the roof.

Please tell me what you would pick and why (links also great appreciated!)

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Love your mock up in the pic above! In answer to your question, we have the 42" GE Monogram hood insert over a 36" rangetop. I have always understood that it's better to have the hood just slightly larger than the rangetop it's going over. So that's why the 42" Looking at your pic, you have 2 fillers on either side of the rangetop on the bottom--I would have the hood cabinetry sized to equal the rangetop cabinetry + the 2 fillers in terms of width.

Gas rangetops often have higher BTUs than gas cooktops/non-Pro ranges, so you will need to make sure you check the recommended specs for your rangetop. The Monogram insert is designed to handle the higher BTUs of a Pro gas rangetop. It is VERY powerful. DH swears all you have to do to dust the house is turn the hod on--LOL!

I went back and forth on baffles or screens--the baffles look nice, but when it comes to cleaning there are significantly more parts to take down, clean and replace. There are only 2 screens in the 42" Monogram hood insert. So I simply snap them out, & soak them in hot water with 1 Cascade w/ Dawn dishwasher pac for about 10 mins. Lift out, rinse and lay out to dry before snapping back in place.

Hope this helps!

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thanks. Have any links?

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Since you have the benefit of going up through the roof, I would consider a remote blower, which is much quieter, and in most cases more efficient. Look at prizerhoods.com and modernaire.com for some ideas on some of the many styles available. I just ordered a Prizer with a remote blower for our upcoming kitchen re-do which will involve putting a hood over a new range, where we now have a cooktop/downdraft

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Would something like this work?


Here is a link that might be useful: Power Monsoon

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As far as the Zephyr insert you reference, I'd rather see you use a 42" insert instead of the 36" shown to increase your capture area.

Also, what is the total BTU output when all 6 of your burners are going? Will 600 CFM be adequate?

I'm too lazy to do the math but there are numerous posts here you can search for to help you determine the CFM necessary for adequate ventilation for your rangetop.

Don't shortchange yourself and get an underpowered insert.

Good luck.

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With a wood hood, you DEFINATELY need a larger hood above the cooktop than you do with a stainless one. Otherwise, some of your light rail will be directly above the burners and become discolored with the heat and grease. The cabinet sides can too, depending on the BTU and length of time that the burners are used. It also needs to be 27" deep, for the same reasons.

In your drawing, you also show cabinets crowded all the way to the side wall and end wall. That also shouldn't be done, as if there is any trim, you'll have an issue opening the oven door. You need at least a 1" extended stile or filler. And you also shouldn't get closer than about 2" to the projection of your crown molding to the edge of a wall. If you run cabinets all the way to the edge, there is no room for trim, and the crown is left hanging in the middle of the air with it's backside exposed. You want it to end gracefully, and still have some wall space to be visible. So, if you have crown that has a 2" projection (remember it has three dimensions, width, and height and depth) then end the cabinets at least 4" away from the end of the wall for a less crowded and cleaner look.

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Fantastic posts.

These are actually the KD's drawings. I have sent him a message as I think your comments are spot on.

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Sophie Wheeler

Yes, you need a 42" x27" insert so that only metal is above the burners.

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