Need Really Good DW????help

bulldinkieDecember 15, 2012

I have a bosch Idont like it at all there is a recall but I dont want it ,can anyone help??

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You like good stuff. I'd go for a Miele. Had two in the last 10 years (sold one place). Wouldn't buy any other brand ever. Original is 8 y.o. and never had a service call. Today, I'd go for one of the Diamond models with 5 year waranty.

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Miele(with German accent Mee-lah)...There is NO substitute.

(With Porsche TV commercial music playing in the background)


I have had my Miele La Perla II(the TOL a generation ago)for about half a year now.

Every time I open my dishwasher door I am shocked we won the war(WWII)

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I agree that Miele is the way to go. Been using a Diamante Plus for 2.5 years now and still works just fine. It was $1500-1600 at that time. If I'd go with a new model, it would be the Dimension Plus or the Diamond.

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Agreed! Miele is the only option for me.

Mine is so quiet, sometimes the kids will open it accidentally while it is running to put something in it.

No one is ever sorry they bought the best.

Good luck,

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I got my Miele Inspira for about half price on clearance. It was the second-from-the-bottom model, and it is very quiet, the racking system is ingenious, and it gets everything clean, every time. We like it so much that my husband says that if we lost it for some reason, he'd be willing to buy another one even if it was full price. I agree. If you can afford one, it's definitely worth it.


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I have the Miele Diamond. It is superb. I had a Miele for 13 years before the current one and it was still running perfectly when I renovated the kitchen and replaced everything.

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Miele, without a doubt. We have the Futura crystal, bought on clearance. It works superbly, everything comes out clean and the unit is very quiet.

We scrimped and saved until we had the cash to purchase, even on clearance it was expensive but worth every cent.

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