What To Do With Those 200 Boxes of Styrofoam Balls...

kudzukweenSeptember 1, 2009

Let's start a new post on crafting with styrofoam balls...everybody share theirs right in this one post! I found tons of ideas, so I want to keep them all together, and this first one is a tissue paper pumpkin. All you do is mark the styrofoam ball into sections; as many as you'd like yours to have, 5, or 6, or 8. I used 8 sections on mine. Press the sections into the ball with a plastic knife or your open scissors handle; sort of wiggle the knife side to side to make the indentions more pumpkin-like! Push into the top stem part with your thumb, and make a smaller one on the bottom of the pumpkin.

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's blog

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Those look so real Cherry, great job!! Think I have everything I need to make some!! Thanks! Jan

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Love your pumpkins! How did you get them to look so smooth? I remember that we used to cover sections in fabric also--just tucked the edges in with a plastic knife.

Here's some ornaments I made last Christmas. Just used some trims and such on the styrofoam.

Can't wait to see what other's have made, thanks for starting this post.


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Beautiful Luvs! That's the colors I use on my Christmas tree, gold,white,pearl,crystal and grapevine and magnolias :D I want the grandchildren to make me some extra ornaments this year like yours.

Here's something my 6 year old grandson and I made. Mummy Heads! Very easy. All it takes is black electrical tape, wiggle eyes, glue and cheesecloth. Although we used what we had, and simply painted on the black and white eyes, and used some gauze bandages. The second one uses cheesecloth. I tied invisible thread to a straight pin and glued it down as a hanger. Here's the link to the original directions.http://www.rd.com/advice-and-know-how/halloween-crafts-mummy-heads/article101210.html

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's blog

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Wish we had the styrofoam balls! I teach preschool and they have gotten too expensive for us to use.

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Barb, do you remember the "satin" ornaments? I had some old ones and took all the "string" or ribbon off of them and now have a bunch of styrofoam balls that were really cheap and they already have a hanger in them. Sometimes you can still find them at Walmart or even at a TS. Bet your class would love doing the mummy heads that Kudzukween showed us. ;o)

I haven't made any yet, but I've seen where you can make "snowballs" by spreading a product like Snotex over the outside of the balls. Anyone know of something cheaper to cover them with? I think I'd like to do some and maybe sprinkle some glitter on them also.

Kudzu, you guys did a great job on your mummys. They look pretty scary too. Tell your grandson he did an awesome job on them. ;o)

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Now those are just darn cute Kudzu....I have some young girls coming to spend the night with me this Friday...(I guess they think I'd make a crafty grandma...so they are always asking me if they can come spend the night) I don't mind and it's kinda fun...

Maybe we'll make some of those pumpkins this week.

They should be able to handle that.

You come up with some of the best ideas on here..


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kudzu, I love those pumpkins!!! But then I love pumpkins period LOL...always have since I was very small. Your pumpkin arrangement is beautiful!! When you put the orange tissue paper on, what kind of glue did you use? Thanks:)

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Thanks ya'll!! Sorry I haven't come back all week:D

Luvs,that's what I used..those ornaments,lol, I bought mine at a yard sale. Those styrofoam balls are really expensive these days; maybe they put gold in them now? I only bought one package, they're $5 for 6 of them! The coupons are handy!

Luvs, you can use spackle, oint compound*missing a letter on my keyboard!!* to make those snowballs. I remember seeing an online tutorial about it, even making grubby snowballs and snowflakes.( I found the tutorial here..and lots of other how-to's ya'll may be interested in)


I use cheap white school glue mixed with a little water to make it like thick paint. I paint the styrofoam ball with glue mixture, then smooth on a torn piece of tissue paper. Be careful, it will tear! Paint over it with the glue mixture after you finish covering with paper, then let it dry. I use foil so the glue doesn't stick.

Remember the snowmen bed spring nodders? Here's another styrofoam ball craft!
These are Oddie's from 2006...beautiful as ever! I seem to have lost photos of mine...still no computer; I'm using my daughters computer since mine was fried.

Here is a link that might be useful: Oddie's snowman nodders

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Hi everyone! been awhile but thought I would post a couple photos to go with your post on useing styrofoam balls.
kudzu I just love your pumpkins so cute and your arangemt is just beautiful! of course the mummys are just to cute! if you still have some bed springs your pumpkin would be cute done as the head on one, I made one but i have to say mine was not done as nice as yours, never thought to cut the sides like a real pumpkin, great job!
Luvs dont think I saw your oraments but gosh they are beautiful!
hope you and everyone else here are well and doing good,I miss everyone and doing crafts, my dad passed away after being so sick for so long, I know its a blessing for him, but gosh I miss him so much,hard to get started crafing agine, have a few ideas but cant seem to get to the crafting part.
thought I would show a photo of the waxed balls done in gingerbread scent, I like to tie a sprig of pine with them to put in the bowl,would be a easy craft for sellers.

heres a candlestick lite.

another mummy

pop can and bedspring ghost

all I have for now, maybe some of you havent seen these yet.

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Oddie, I'm so glad you posted some of your styrofoam ball pro ects...how about the snowmen nodders?? and any other holiday nodders :D I LOVE those!
I'm working on more crafts and hopefully I'll be back with more photos! Tough having to use my daughter's computer....

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Kudzu, so sorry about your computer. Gosh, I sure hope you don't lose any of your favorites and pictures. I just love it that you are always coming up with projects to share with us. TFS

Oddie, so good to see you posting again. I'm so sorry to hear that you lost your Dad. It's never easy losing a loved one and I understand why it would be hard to concentrate on doing other things for awhile. Your projects are just always so nice--must be because you pay such attention to every detail and your pictures look so professional too. ;o)


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How do you make "gingerbread scent snowballs"?

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I would like to know too!

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here is a old post that tells how to make waxed snowballs.
hope it helps.

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You can never have enough foam balls,take small pices material,fit them on push lightly into foam with like cuticle stick,cover ball with differnt colors,designs when done looks like patch work beautiful.email me if you need more info

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I found instructions for making snow man's head felted on a styrofoam ball. They are cute. Just haven't made one yet.

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great topic and I love the projects so far! I made these tree baubells by glueing sequins to the styro. you can't tell so much from the picture but they really catch any light and look almost glass like on the tree.

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I popped in from Holidays hope you don't mind..:)
I so enjoyed this..all the ideas were wonderful..the pumpkins and snowmen and Oddie's pics, so cute!

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I love all of these! I saw on a blog somewhere a witch on a bedspring, it had a round head that looked like it was a styrofoam ball with maybe a round bead nose. It was painted green, black yarn hair,or maybe eyelash yarn, a black cape and a black pointy witch hat. I had planned on making one, but time gets away! and I don't remember where it was......

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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How about one more??
I was reading about the seed balls on another post....and decided to see how hard it was to make. I practiced and made this one, with some mistakes..LOL...you'll do MUCH better, I know it :D

Here is a link that might be useful: Kudzu's Blog

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I wonder how long it took you to make the bean ball? I made some before and the one with beans standing on edge took me all day. I also made the pumpkin ball along with the witch. My favorite is the eucalyptus one. From Acrylic and Oils From Acrylic and Oils From Acrylic and Oils

From Acrylic and Oils


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hi ya'll..thanks
it took about an hour with the glue gun.
but i mentioned on the seed ball thread....that maybe we could also try the GEII since so many of us already have it. it dries fast, but we could have more time to position the bean/corn/etc. easier. squirt out a puddle and dip the bean?
i think i'll try this tomorrow.

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Oddie sorry to hear about your dad. I totally understand. My dad have several massive strokes after open heart surg. back in 96. He lived 5 1/2 yrs at home. Totally dependent on us. Love your wax balls...Kudzu after seeing the price of the sty. balls, your blessed to have so many...LOL...

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I have a Christmas tree full every year of these photo ornaments. The married children receive them as gifts. Cut a wedge off the ball to leave a flat place for photo. Cut pretty paper napkins and peel to single layer; coat the ball with non-yellowing, clear-drying glue; gently place napkin over glue; place more glue over napkin; sprinkle with clear glitter; let dry; glue photo; decorate and add ornament hook or ribbon.

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I have made sequin and bead ornaments. I think that you would be best to insert the pins in glue before inserting them into the ball. That kind of styrofoam has a bigger cell than the kind I used which was dense and smooth.

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