What do you think if my crafts???

hotshottSeptember 14, 2007

I need some feedback. It would be greatly appreciated!

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Knitting and chrochting ( -- I can't spell it- DUH )is a lost art . You're stuff is Gorgeous. I can't imagine the HOURS you've put into it ! My mother in law could knit a couch if she had to ... she was that good. She tried to teach me -------- Forget it ........ I think this is one craft I'll always be in awe of and NEVER say " I can do that " ~~ LOL

Thanks for the pics :)

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Everything looks great I love the tiny hat ornaments!!

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You certainly did a gorgeous job. Could you possibly share the winter hat Christmas tree ornament pattern? Thank you!!

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Ok, do you want my honest opinion - I think you should take your Tooth Fairy Pillows to a local baby clothes boutique and ask if the owner would consider selling them (either on a commission or sell them to her for a turnaround). I seriously think you got something there as I've never seen anything like that before and Mom's and Grandma's would certainly love to have such a cute little pillow for their child when it's time for teeth to fall out. I think little ones would love waking up and looking under the pillow or in the pocket and see what the Tooth Fairy left them. That is just the cutest idea ever, Great Job. If not a local store, then try a craft show with your other items also cause I really do think they'll sell.


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I really don't know how to read pattens. I just goof around with the hook, but I'd be glad to tekk you how I did it.
I first made two loops and single stitched five times in the first hole.
Then I started counting. One single stitch, then one extra loop, two (and two I mean the next stitch)single stitch in it, then make another loop. I did this until I counted 6. Then I started again and counted 12. By that time, you should have 24 stitches in a round little circle. Then I just contunued to crochet as usual...then I made a row of a different color...then one row of the original color. Then I flipped the bottom up. Then I took a piece of yarn and knoted the middle of it to the top of the hat. Then I made a little pom pom. I first took the yarn and twirled it around my index finger. Then I took the lillte ball and attached it to the top of the hat in the middle. Then I cut and shaped all the loops.
I know these were not so good instructions, but maybe I can take pics at every stage the next time I do it and make a slide show.

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Beautiful work!

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Thank you all so much! I am a stay at home mom and have always been into making crafts. I AM thinknig of doing a Christmas Craft Fair.
I thaught my tooth fairy pillows were unique too until I listed them on e-bay. There are millions of them there. I did get some good ideas on how to improve mine by looking at others. I had never seen them around either. I've got about 24 made now. I really hope all my stuff sells. I'm kinda intimidated by a craft fair- will I succeed? will I look professional? I spend so much money doing crafts.

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Lovely work!


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Beautiful work!!!!

Here is a link that might be useful: live link

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Beautiful work. Those baby girls are so precious, I think that is your best work LOL.

mom of 3

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All of your work is lovely. I think selling the pillows at the craft fair is a great idea. Usually when I purchase something at a craft fair it's for a present. These should sell like hot cakes. By the way that's a pretty big baby under that one beautiful baby blanket. LOL


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Talat- LOL- After I had made that blanket, I went into our bedroom and saw my husband snoozing away. It was too cute, I had to take the pic. :)

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I'm going to be selling a lot of my items at a craft fair the weekend before thanksgiving.. ;) thanks for the advice... What is your opinion on what I should price the little hats?

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This is what I'm talking about...

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