Does anyone have a source for yeast made in USA?

OlychickJanuary 28, 2012

Or at least not in Mexico? I just discovered the yeast I use (not often) is made in Mexico. I chatted with King Arthur and they said all their yeast is from Mexico. Anyone know of any other source? I found one online but it is a #50 block that only stays fresh for 3 weeks.


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Not sure about origin, but I always buy yeast from the place below. The quality is very good. Why do you try to avoid mexican yeast?


Here is a link that might be useful: yeast

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Have you checked Hodgson Mills?
Hodgson Mill, Inc.
1100 Stevens Ave
Effingham, IL 62401

Toll Free Phone: 800-347-0105
Fax: 217-347-0198


Otherwise it looks like you'll have to switch to naturally-leavened breads. Yeast from your own kitchen and the yeast found on the flour you use to feed your starter (flour is actually the major source for yeast in a starter).


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Thank you both - I love nutsonline and they are very upfront about their sources. I just checked with them about sources for their pine nuts and received a prompt reply.

No specific reason to avoid yeast from Mexico, but I really don't trust food production in some other countries so I just try to avoid buying from certain places if I can. I had an expensive car and about 3 refers made in Mexico that were terrible, terrible quality, so it just makes me leery. Since Hershey moved their production to Mexico, I'm not buying their stuff any more - even though they probably inspect their own production (plus it angers me that they moved some of their plants out of the U.S.) I won't buy/eat any food from China if I can help it, just based on their track record of poisoning baby formula, lead in toys and other things, etc. There just isn't something similar to the FDA in many places. And I'd like to keep jobs in the US so will search out sources when possible.

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Ya know, never thought about where yeast comes from? My sister uses her bread machine all the time and buys yeast at Costco. Have no idea what brand or where it comes from, but it's "in bulk" at least for everyday home use. She ends up giving me a big jar of it... it sits in frige or freezer and is VERY yeasty. Have had some well over a year and bread or pizza dough doubles in probably half an hour.

I'm another person who doesn't eat food products from China.

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I buy yeast from Hodgson Mills and it doesn't say on the package where it's made. The yeast I have in the freezer from Costco says product of Mexico.


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Fleishmann's yeast is made in Montreal. Red Star/ SAF are made in Mexico. I stocked up on yeast before the holidays.

Here is a link that might be useful: SAF Yeast from Amazon

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Wow, thank you all!!! When I was researching this, I saw an article about one of the next food battles being genetically modified yeast!! It was referring to wine making specifically...but can baking be far behind?

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Olychick, I thought refers from Mexico were supposed to be quite good! lol


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I was thinking the same thing Sally, though given the choice I'd rather it was from BC.

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I use Fleischmann's Yeast from Canada. But Fleischmann's does have an American division in Chesterfield, MO.

Here is a link that might be useful: AB Mauri Foods - Fleischmanns

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You folks are really helpful and funny, too!!! Can't believe fleischmann's didn't come up in my search. The guy at King Arthur's said they'd like to know of a source other than Mexico if I found one...seems like they'd know about Fleishmann's, but I'll let them know. Thanks again. I'll come here next time I need help finding refers.

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