Button Bracelets by SunnyCA

kudzukweenSeptember 22, 2008

Aren't these pretty?

Made by member SunnyCA.

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She's so talented...

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Well, not that talented, I'm just learning so my GF is showing me how to get those pesky jumprings back together & tight with no gap so your bracelet gets lost. These are fun to make & lightweight on your arm. GF sizes them to each arm. mine are in back & shorter than hers. I love the AB firepolished red & blue beads she used on the front 1. They shine & change in the sun! And a big thank you to Kudzukween for posting the pics for me. And this was all her idea to begin with & it has been so much fun doing!! Thank you thank you! Kudzuween I literally couldn't have done it without you!!Jan

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Here's a helpful tip on the jump rings. I put a dot of solder to hold them shut (50/50 for stained glass). I think perhaps some metal glue might also work.

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Nice work, Jan!!

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Thanks! Bonnie, I've made a couple more & I just really check with magnifying glass & daylight lamp to be sure they are tight so won't slip off & get lost. Lucky for me it fell off in car so I could find it & fix it & the others. Jan

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Just Beautiful!....love them!

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Very pretty & would make great gifts for all the females on your Christmas list too! Do you use new or used buttons?


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The top 1 was old buttons with turquoise beads in between, the square buttons were pearly looking & had a lot of them I had gotten at a church sale in a button box. The red buttons on the bottom were new my GF gave me to use as I had given her some of the square buttons. Any will do, just pick out what you like.The gold colored ones in center were from a broken necklace. And if you have box of rags check to be sure all the buttons were cut off. Or if blouse is damaged & you are throwing it out don't forget to remove the buttons 1st!! I'm thinking that a neat bracelet might be all the buttons different colors with gold beads between, will probably try that. Just get a terrycloth washcloth & lay your beads & buttons in what you think might work & see how you like it. The terry or waffle-weave cloth if you have it keeps the stuff where you put it so you can see how it will look put together. Have fun! Jan

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