GE Cafe self clean feature not working

kayakluvDecember 5, 2011

I've only used the self clean feature once, a couple years ago, and it worked fine.

It needs it again so I followed the booklet instructions to lock out the gas.

the prompt 'LOC' flashes. (The oven door is shut and oven light is off.)

next I pressed the 'self clean' button but nothing happened, no beep, nothing, so I wasn't able to set the cleaning time. the "LOC' kept flashing.

fortunately I was able to cancel the gas lockout so the stovetop burners do work. I don't want to try it again in case I end up with nothing working due to a faulty electronic panel.

anyone knowledgeable about what the problem could be? Many thanks!

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We have the same problem...

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That just happened to me when I tried to use it for the first time last month. The first repairman that came out said I had a faulty latch so he ordered a new one. The next guy that came out said that it wasn't the latch, but that it had something to do with the gas lockout (I think). The way he explained it, there was some sort of safety feature that hadn't been connected and prevented the self cleaning from starting so he connected it and then it worked fine.

Have you checked the latch to see if the oven isn't closing securely and that is possibly the culprit? By the way, mine does not say I need to "lock out" the gas before starting my self clean cycle. What model number is yours? I wonder why yours would tell you that you have to manually lock out the gas when mine doesn't need to do that. IOW, whatever my repairman did, I won't have to do that each time I use the self clean cycle. It was some sort of factory setting that should have been done during installation.

I had actually read in a couple of reviews that people had problems with the self clean feature so that is what prompted me to try using it last month. I was nearly out of warranty so wanted to make sure that it was working b/f the warranty ran out.

I wish I had better advice! Good luck.

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I have not tried mine jet since somehow I have managed to keep my oven very clean since I bought it in December 2009. I kept going back and forth between the NXR and the GE Cafe Range but chose the GE due to to the self-cleaning oven. I love the way my GE looks but I also loved the way the NXR looked. That is so sad that maybe this feature is not that good to use. :( Any other updates? I have an extended 5 year warranty, so I will now be sure to use it before the 5 years are up before December 2014. Thanks for letting me know. I sure hope this is a fluke and most other GE Cafe owners do not have this problem. I am so sorry for the three posters above. Thank you for sharing. I hope others with bad or good results share soon.

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I have the same problem

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