Something My Grandson Made!

slinkeySeptember 4, 2008

I had my 11 yr old grandson here during the summer, and he kept hounding me to make some vine wreaths. So finally, when it wasn't too hot out, we gathered up some vines, and I showed him how to go about it...Well, to my surprise, he did quite well. I offered him lots of goodies to decorate them with, but as you can see, he's already showing signs of being a minimalist!! LOL He made four, and decorated two.. also, you can see, they were not quite dried out yet..(he was in a hurry) lol He brought them home for his mom, and was quite proud at what he made. We also made some paper mache jack o'lanterns which turned out pretty good too.

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slinkey that is THE BEST post I've ever read. I am very impressed with your grandson's work. How sweet is that!

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Hi Slinkey, that is so great that your grandson enjoys creating things. So great that you have vines on your property to turn into wreaths. It is so great to encourage creativity in our young uns--something they can enjoy all their lives. Luvs

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They are wonderful and there is more to weaving a wreath than meets the eye!!

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It is wonderful that you spent time with your grandson being creative. You made not only wreaths and pumpkins together, but many memories he will have forever! You're a good grandma.

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Oh how wonderful. This is something he will never forget. I love to craft with my grandsons too. I let them make their mom's an angel out of the logs.
His mom will cherrish those wreaths!!! Thanks for sharing this with us. Tell your grandson he did an awesome job!!!

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Your Grandson's wreaths are simply wonderful and his Grandma too for showing him how to be creative. Please convey my sincerest "WOW" to him on doing such great work.


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slinkey I'm so greatful for your kind words..Thank you.

luvs.. he's loved crafts, ever since he was a little guy, and with creativity on both sides of the family, also has a natural talent for drawing.

minnie...I know what you mean about the weaving, and was impressed that he picked up the technique very quickly.

barb...I think 'he' made great memories for me too!! They grow up so fast, and then - on to other things.

cheri..thanks I will let him know...isn't it great fun to work w/your grandkids..seems you always can make the time for them to do it. Funny,for the longest time, he's been wanting to make those reindeers logs...Now, I've got to show him what you made w/the angels...He'll be real impressed!!

craftylady...I will pass on the 'WOW' to him..and I'm sure he will be somewhat embarrassed that I put them on here..LOL
I taught Arts & Crafts for 22 kids from 3 - 12 yrs. Those were the happiest times working with young children,
and enjoying their creativity as well..

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Slinkey, it doesn't get any better than that!(((GS)))

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Isn't it great? That's something that will last a realllly long time, and always the perfect gift:)Tell him I think he did the bestest job on them :)
So true about making those wreaths, it's not until you yank up all the vines and start making one that you find out hmmmm,this kinda hurts! I like using the green ones, they're pliable, and they dry quickly. I'll sometimes soak the drier vines in a big galvanized tub. If it makes chair caning easier to work with, you know it works wonders on grape


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patty true.

kudzukween...I will pass your message on to him. I really got a kick doing this with him. We've got several types of vines around my property, and yes, the green ones are the best.. I love working with the ones that have wrapped themselves around each it a nicer look..I've soaked some of the larger drier ones too. Some, (which I haven't tackled) are like Tarzan Vines. LOL Wow you soak your own vines for caning..that's interesting. I'd love to see that. Also, I've got a few chairs in the attic that need caning.. If you're not doing anything ...hehehe

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Well, that little apple didn't fall far from the tree, now did he??!!!
Just the fact that you got him OUTSIDE is impressive to me. With all of the things that kids have now, its a wonder they come out of their bedroom!! I think your little darlin' done a wonderful job on the wreaths! Better watch out, he'll be entering them in craft shows next.....your little protege!!

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