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drjosh123December 26, 2012

I am looking for any opinions or feedback on what appliances we should choose for a new home we are building. The builder only gives us a few options, but they are charging exorbitant upgrade fees and I want to be certain that, if we upgrade, it is worth it. I have eliminated the extremely cost prohibitive upgrades from this list.

Here we go:
1) Refrigerator - the standard fridge is a Kitchenaid 42" side by side. Our options are as follows:
a) Viking 48" side by side for $1200.00
b) Subzero 48" side by side for $3300.00
c) Jenn-Air 42" French Door for $1100.00

2) Range/Cooktop - the standard cooktop is a 36" Viking Cooktop VGSU1646BSS. If we select a range, we are going to swap the double oven for a single oven with microwave combo. Our options:
a) Wolf Rangetop 36" w/griddle SRT364G for $4410.00 (ouch!)
b) Jenn-Air Range 36" w/griddle JDRP536WP for $4800.00

3) Oven - the standard oven is 30" Viking DO VEDO1302SS. Our option:
a) Wolf 30" DO DO30-2U/S/TH for $5000.00
b) Jenn-Air 30" DO JJW2730WS for same price

4) Dishwasher - the standard is Kitchenaid KUDC10FXSS. Our options:
a) Bosch SHX55R55UC for $600.00
b) Viking VBD301 for $750.00
c) Kitchenaid KUDE70FXSS for 800.00

Any help or assistance you can provide on any of these appliances that you would recommend for the price is greatly appreciated. I would like nothing more than to swap out my cooktop for a 48" Wolf Range, but I left that off the options because it is a $15k upgrade!


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Your builder is smoking something funny, or maybe expensive?

Those prices are Exorbitant!!!!

You best set him straight as to who is the Customer, (YOU!!!) and who is most important, again (YOU).

With SOOOOOOO Many builders, building contractors looking for work (I would get about 5 to 6 calls a day, if I answered the phone), I'm sure there are many that would love to take his place as far as building your home.

I suspect most of these prices you could beat, with "0" credit from him.

I believe that is the bottom line KA DW,
You can probably buy Electrolux double ovens for well under $5K, and if you take the time to check out Wolf and Electrolux ovens here, well---- I let you see for yourself, as I'm biased--Had my Elux oven and Speed oven going on 7 years now and both trouble free cept for a loose screw on the handle of the speed oven.

Good Luck with that, that (I won't say it)!!


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OMG: Are you saying the UPGRADE price for the 48" Wolf Range is $15K? I don't know for sure but I am pretty certain you can buy the whole range OUTRIGHT for less than that.....I would tell this builder to give you a CREDIT for NO APPLIANCES....then go out and purchase your own. I agree with Gary, he is fleecing you several times over. Good luck!

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Yep. Those are upgrade prices. We are locked into a neighborhood with one builder, so they have us by the short hairs. I know that we are getting raked over the coals if we decide to upgrade. The credit that they give us on the refrigerator is small so we are better off choosing one of the options listed. As for the ovens, I will probably just stick with the Viking (I have read many of the negative comments on Viking here) or Jenn-Air as the Wolf is ridiculously overpriced, IMO.

I would love to get a Wolf or Blue Star range. I will inquire as to what kind of credit I can get. Question: If I have them build out our kitchen but leave a gap for a 36" range like the Jenn-Air that they allow, will I be able to easily fit another 36" range? I don't want to end up screwing up our new kitchen cabinets.

Any one have any suggestions on the DW selection?

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Can you just get a credit for the appliances in total and then put in Craigslist used builder grade 30" range and top refrigerator options to get your certificate of occupancy? Then purchase what you want after the house closes and have the appliance company do the installs. As long as the sizes are accounted for in the kitchen plan, that IS a doable option. Whether or not the builder would go for it is another story.

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I will have to look into getting a credit and putting temporary appliances in there for the CO. Thanks for the advice live_wire_oak. I doubt that they will do it though. The builder knows that the upgrades are how they make serious $$$ at the expense of the buyers. I have asked similar questions before and they weren't that flexible. Never hurts to ask though!

If I am stuck with their appliances, what would the Garden Web community think are the best bets? Or do I immediately turn around and rip out some of their appliances and sell them for a huge loss?

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If you can't get a reasonable credit, I would consider taking their basic appliances without paying for any upgrades and then selling them. You can then buy what you want at probably cheaper prices than the builder would have charged you for the upgrades.

You could also try living with the basic appliances. KA makes good fridges and DWs. I'm personally leery of Viking from all I've read, but recently people have been saying that Viking has improved.

I really dislike builders who lock you into stuff like that. Obviously, the time to negotiate these things is before you sign the contract.

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I am still waiting to hear back from the builder's people regarding the credit information. I probably won't get an answer until next year with their office being shorthanded for the holidays.

Here is where I am leaning right now (if taking a credit for appliances isn't approved)
1) Refrigerator - the standard fridge is a Kitchenaid 42" side by side. Taking the standard fridge.

2) Range/Cooktop - going with the Jenn-Air range. If we don't like it, we can sell it. I don't want them to cut out the granite for a cooktop as I am pretty sure we are leaning towards a range.

3) Oven - taking the Jenn-Air oven/microwave combo for no upcharge.

4) Dishwasher - upgrading to Kitchenaid KUDE70FXSS for $800.00.

If we decide we don't like living with any of these, we can look at changing in the future and trying to sell the appliances we don't like.

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I agree with most of what you've chosen except the range and the DW. Kitchenaid does a pretty darn nice DW and I'd save the money and just take it. On the range, I'd keep looking. Maybe an American or an NXR. Or even Kitchenaid again. Something cheaper with more capability and that doesn't have Whirlpool customer service. (Yes, even though Kitchenaid and Jennair are the same company and both have Whirlpool robots to deal with if you ever have problems. Kitchenaid is just overall better quality control wise than Jennair.)

And check ito any package rebates that Kitchenaid might be offering. It will bring the prices down if the builder passes them along to you. If he doesn't, well, that's another conversation.

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DH and I have been appliance shopping for our new kitchen for the last couple of weeks and after seeing what your builder is charging for upgrades, I'd be tempted to tell him where to go.

Here is what we found from a local appliance dealership that carries several brands (KA, JennAir, Bosch, Electrolux, Wolf, etc.)

First of all, JennAir is running a special that ends 12/31 for a $200 install credit per item as well as the buy rangetop and oven (or a range) and get a free dishwasher.

Here's the link for the JennAir deal:

Secondly, be aware that any griddle offered on a KA or JennAir is an electric griddle and not a gas one like Wolf or Viking makes.

Thirdly, due to Viking's past reputation, we decided to steer away from them even though DH REALLY loved their D3 double oven with KNOBS.

Prices we were quoted (in TN) were:

JennAir 5 burner cooktop $1099
JennAir 36" rangetop $2699
JennAir 36" rangetop with griddle $3099
JennAir 30" double oven (convection on top only) $3399

Electrolux ICON 30" double oven $3099

KA 36" rangetop $2099
KA 30" double oven $2399 (convection on top only)

Lastly, Viking is about to discontinue their 48" rangetop with double griddle in center. We found an awesome deal for it on Elite Appliances website with free shipping and no tax for $3599. Again, if we weren't worried about our griddle usage or past rep, we would've jumped on it. DH still is waffling somewhat because he really wants KNOBS on an

In the end, our decision is to go with the KitchenAid 36" rangetop and 30" Electrolux ICON double oven. We already have our fridge and dishwasher but if we hadn't, JennAir would've been in the running.

P.S. I think Viking also has a $200 per appliance rebate right now, too.

I'd definitely check around with some local appliance showrooms and see what kind of deals you can get and really consider selling the builder appliances on craigslist, with the exception of the KA fridge, which seems to be an okay choice.

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