Making a cornice out of styrofoam -

toomuchglassSeptember 21, 2007

Have you ever done it ? I've seen it done on so many craft and decorating shows ... I want to take the plunge.

I have 3 windows together that I want to make one for ... but it'll be 8 ft. long !!! HAve you ever made one ??

I got so hyped up after watching this video .

Here is a link that might be useful: Video on cornices

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My first question was what is a cornice ---now that I see what it is, it doesn't look hard to make at all. I've never made one, but it almost looks like you could take a piece of formed styrofoam, for example, a piece that a stereo or vcr was cradled in (L shape) and just trim off the pieces you don't want, cover it and install....
dang it toomuch, now I might have to try one of

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I had seen allot of the shows using lightweight plywood and making a box, then covering it with batting and fabric.

I hadn't seen these kits before. They sure look nice the way they have decorated them. And would be very light weight. Do you think you are going to try one?

Be sure to let us know how it goes, okay?


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Well -- I couldn't stand it anymore. I'm making one ! I need one that's 8 feet across .... I hated to "piece" it together - so I went to Home depot and bought a 4 x 8 ' sheet of styrofoam insulation ! It's even prescored - so it cuts like a dream ! I Assembled the structure last night ... now I have to do the fabric part of it. It's actually easy so far !

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Please show photo when done, I need two for my family room was going to have hubby make them out of wood and use a wall paper border I found to cover them but your idea sounds better!
wonder if wallpaper will stick to styrofoam?

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I know this post is kinda old but I just joined in and wanted to share. QVC sells the kits and also the kits for decorative pillow. Check it out. I have both but have yet to make them.... soon....

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